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Long, introduction, crypto 

Gm Pagan Plus :) And thank you hosts for this lovely little instance.

I am BitWitch, or Moreen. I have several deep facets of interest, but am a master of none, as they say.
As a Pagan, I identify closest with urban Chaos magicians as I search for magic and cosmic Earth patterns in the material and modern.
Computers and networks especially have my fascination, giving to my interest in cyber security and administration. I am working through a certification path and intend to start a side business as an in-home security consultant. Primarily, i work in social service nonprofits and love it, despite the painful challenges.
Social networks (in the broadest sense, including local communities) are beautiful, complex things and the space between people where empathy and communication lives is my favorite aspect of the divine.
Within this, Web3 and cryptocurrencies have stolen my heart in the last few years as I have watched charts grow like trees and mapped them to the stars. Human natural patterns exist in raw mathematical form in financial charts which I treat as a form of scrying. I happily invite all conversations and questions on the topic and hope to offer a perspective outside the typical Libertarian Tech Bro poster boys so commonly seen.

Other major interests that I'm not currently hyper focused into include video games (A-RPGs and MMOs please!), music in all forms (i even compose and produce!), nonfiction reading, and social justice (primarily focused on gender, financial, and housing).

Good morning 🌞

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YOU: I murdered someone.

YOUR DOG: I'm totally cool with that. I love you.


YOU: I murdered someone.

YOUR CAT: Me too.

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The information needed for just my natal chart narrows me down to 1 in 142 possible people.

If I were to get a general reading, or really just show my face and talk about myself to any extent, it would narrow me down to 1 in 11.

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To hex your head of state, take five breaths, then attune with earth. Imbue a wand with your unholy laughter. Finally, eat good food.

Is there a way to never use SMS on Android? It needs to die - i can't keep chopping myself into 70 character texts. It sends my anxiety through the roof and prevents me from talking to my loved ones (seriously).

I need therapeutic support around SMS/MMS lol please give any suggestions please

@arnemancy i also have another very excellent resource in epub you may like. But, with respect to my instance owner, i don't want to send it here :) you can dm me at GreenMoreen#5286 on discord if you'd like

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If you're displeased with tech companies using your data for profit, you're really gonna hate how banks are using your money

Ad hominem 

Dave Troy is the conspiratorial heart of the left. It's okay to push back when he starts making absolutist statements about things way out of his field of expertise

The fact that folks can rage against blockchain tech for its outrageous energy waste but then walk back the importance of their own individual energy use is telling.

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My biggest personal failing is that I want to acquire skills more than I want to use them and it leads to me feeling very stuck.

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"Why do I have to use CWs?" 

You don't. You can do or say pretty much whatever you want. Freedom of speech or expression doesn't mean freedom from scorn or ridicule, homie.

"I don't want to CW [common thing] because so and so should grow up, etc"

Then don't. You'll be mostly blocked, maybe the whole instance for hosting your BS, who knows. Make your bed and lie in it if your posting art is so important!

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Still a little hooked on the idea of viewing the fediverse as a mycorrhizal network, and instances as the individual plants connecting to it.

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One of the tools I built with colleagues last year is the Observatory of #Anonymity, an interactive website where you can learn how much data is needed to identify you.

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I'm Auralite Ravenna or Mage of Aquarius. I'm a Buddhist Celtic pagan witch and former Priestess of the Morrigan. I'm a writer, poet, tarot reader, and astrologer who also dabbles in digital and AI-generated art.

I'm -positive and . I'm a stoner and I talk about drug use and the role of entheogens in my spiritual path.

You can check out some of my work on my Ko-Fi which is my latest centralized home for all my digital art, commissions and writing:
I'm still working on moving some of my older content from my Patreon and Substack (check my linktree)

My pronouns are she/her/it/its. I discuss adult topics and am often horny on main so minors please DNI!

In case no one has ever told you, payday loans are predatory tools of the powerful and should be expressly resisted.

The average payday loan is $375, while the average loanee pays $520 in total interest (source:

(For comparison:
30-year fixed Mortgage - 5% APR;
10-year fixed Student Loan - 8% APR;
Mediocre Credit Card - 20% APR)

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