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Starting a thread to share books and reading recommendations for all things pagan, witchy, and occult. Please respond to this post with any titles you'd recommend or want to share, and for visibility. Bonus internet points if you include a summery or start a discussion about the reading materials too! πŸ€“ :at_ok:

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Backwoods Witchcraft: Conjure & Folk Magic from Appalachia

Here's a book on American witchcraft on the east cost and close to home for me. A lot of what I read in here connected with me for traditions in my family, things I remeber my great grandmother doing when I was a small child, and a helpful contextualization of the elements and considerations of settler witches, and how those were justified in a society where the church had even more influence than it does today.

I highly recommend this if you live in the region, are interested in American , or are just looking for a way to start connecting with the world's found in hills and valleys.

City Magick: Urban Rituals, Spells, and Shamanism

This was an inspiring read as someone that lives in a city and was worried about finding a connection with my surroundings. It helped me reframe my understanding of , what can be, and ways to connect. It opened the door to for me and helped warn me away from gate keeping that believe there's only a few narrow paths to follow when it comes to this type of .

Again, highly recommended for any witches living in a city or urban area, or anyone that wants help seeing magic in the everyday around them πŸ‘

I did pick up my first copy of the . I don't understand the and largely the significance much, I'm looking forward to reading the included forward and explanation and diving down a few holes for sources to follow up with.

Tarot for Dummies :tarot_card:
If you're new to or need a , this is actually a good book to keep around. It covers the basics of what tarot is, popular and possibly unexpected applications, each of the cards themselves, and different ways to read them. This is a book for everyone with something for everyone interested in tarot.

Find a copy at your local library, used book store of you're lucky, or online. I suggest getting your own copy so you may mark it up, leave notes, and bookmark all the references you need. πŸ€“ πŸ“–


@Crazypedia I've been referring to Llewellyn's Complete Book of Tarot quite a bit. Its got all the details about the cards -- numerology, astrology, related myths and archetypes, as well as the card meanings from Mathers, Waite, Crowley, and lots more for each card. It's a great all-in-one reference.

@Crazypedia A story in which my instance admin will regret the 2000 character toot limit.

# Western/Hermetic
* The One Year Manual - Israel Regardie. Essential. Start here.
* The Middle Pillar - Israel Regardie - if you can, find the edition(s) before Chic and Tabytha Cicero pissed all over it with their spin so they could retain the copyrights.
* Modern Magick - Donald M. Kraig - take with a grain of salt. He had some notions that are shaky, but it's basically the outer order Hermetic Golden Dawn (NOT. THAT. GOLDEN. DAWN.) curriculum.
* Magick Without Tears - Aleister Crowley
* The Kybalion
* Initiation into Hermetics - Franz Bardon
* 777 and/or Godwin's Kabbalistic Encyclopedia

# Druidry

It's been pretty hard to avoid John Michael Greer (mild distaste due to some toxic, imo, opinions about zen meditation) but... the AODA list is solid:
* OBOD has a ton of good recommendations:
* - You can find this online since it's old AF and public domain. Good for getting a "feel" of the tradition's lore.

# Norse/Germanic

Fraught with danger. Be on the lookout for people who are into this for the wrong reasons. The best author I've run across pens as Kvedulf Gundarsson. Edred Thorsson (Steven Flowers) is problematic, but did put out a decent book on Runes.
* The Poetic Edda - Jackson Crawford (more for "feel" and mythos)
* Teutonic Magick - Kvedulf Gundarsson

# Tarot / Cartomancy
ugh. there's so much crap. Honestly if you can stomach paying for it, Builders of the Adytum has a great correspondence course. it may spoon feed ya and draw things out, but you'll know the cards at the end due to the pacing.

There's also the Labrynthos Tarot app which is brilliant for both tarot and lenormand (though the lenormand stuff needs a book to go with because it's clear that the author doesn't work with Lenormand all that much).

* The Cute Little Lenormand - Sara Lyons. Comes with a deck too!


@fratersleepy you can break it into multiple replies too if you wanted to spin off threads of discussion for each topic πŸ˜‰

@Crazypedia oh man that's more talkin' than I can even do :)

I did try to keep it in ascending order of "I'm kinda talkin out my butt here" - areas I've read and started on but haven't dug deep.

@Crazypedia It's a strange world where a For Dummies book is better than Llewelyn but... well... here we are.

@Crazypedia Healing Pluto Problems by Donna Cunningham is one of my go to, although it's a little dated in parts.

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