Someone build an A.I. familiar already.

I want someone who can fix partition tables without me having to do anything


@Kahumahu I mean, ive definitely poked around at making a cuddly tactile home assistant interface borrowing ideas from child's toy manufacturing, but nothing quite feasible to do on my own 👀

@Kahumahu basically thing of a cuter furby with a nest as a charging base and server. Most of actual computing power is in the nest, while the furby is a Bluetooth sensor set amongst other functions. You could even build home kit or other smart home stuff into it.

It's the natural language processing that really intimidates me 😂

YOU DID IT NOW, Programming 

@Crazypedia You discussing this, actually got me thinking:

You could easily utilized something akin to the Bluefruit Circuit Playground as a "connector" with the base, it should be easy to do connection between the two. Unless you want to do NFC, which I think there is a chip for arduino that uses that. I recommend the Bluefruit since it does circuitpython which is beyond beautiful and amazing.

The nest could have a bluefruit that connects via a USB cable to a Raspberry Pi 4, like the 8 gb, where it can run the A.I. code and other as a form of hub. I would recommend what I did when I did robotics and use PySerial as the library, it is an amazing simple library that works wondrously.
[I was able to in the past have a Pi 2 that worked with four arduino units, two for motors, one ran an antenna for location tracking, and the last ran a combination of IR sensor and touch sensors for tracing.]
That could be super easily used for a hub in that way. The homekit and such could work because if I remember correctly there does exist libraries in python for that, I recall a few years back a project for chromecasts and the hues lights. There may also be potential applications with other network setups which the nest itself can do.
You could even go further with the nest hub by having it be accessible over the network by other computers. Maybe other ideas there, but would need further thoughts. Hmmm.
Implementing the furby's motor controls and demonic voice would be difficult, but I bet that could be done. I may read into that if I have a night with my insomnia.

I logged on and saw this in notifs, and immediately started typing. Be afraid, be very afraid

re: YOU DID IT NOW, Programming 

@Kahumahu i wouldnt actualy use a furby, but the way they used a single motor and mechanical cams to produce multiple types of motion was clever and would save on costs for the the unit. You could make it more griffon like, or soot ball, or whatever. BUt yes, you're spot on with what i was thinking with the nest set up. potentially even make it modular so you can just add on storage or something and make it a home NAS.

Lots of creative opportunities for interaction, utility, and even workable business models to make it viable...

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