Tarot Reading, death, grief, therapy 

Today is a day of sitting with loss and grief. Therapy was tough but fulfilling. Talking about dad's death and the period right after is still really tough to do without crying and at this point I'm just going to let myself feel for a bit because I feel like I'm getting close to the heart of it.

The challenge today is balancing work responsibilities with inner work. I can't miss some of the calls, but I shouldn't have to participate too actively.
I'm clearing tonight's schedule to make room to go to back to give that grief time to be felt tonight and maybe try to write a letter to dad.

Let yourself love and be present with those you surround yourself with, neither of you truly know when it's time to part ways for the last time in this life...

👏 Feeling 👏 bad 👏 is 👏 not 👏 bad 👏

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