Magical thinking 

- Words have intent and from that, power(books, agreements, language, etc)
- language with intent may include more than just words (gestures, representations, pictures)
- representations such as emoji and memes are there own niche language

- it is absolutely possible to craft a spell that includes emoji and memes 👍


This is also a very empowering and humbling way to consider and . This goes well beyond the "hurhur, don't give the fey your name" trope. Many wield the power in their words in a raw and unrecognized way.
A muttered curse about someone's appearance overheard can ruin someone's day, a thoughtful comment can lift someone up. Rarely will sparks fly from your fingertips, or mystic energy will manifest before your eyes, but that's because the power and magic of words are subtle and can often fail to have an effect or go unheard.

If you've ever felt touched by a book or changed by someone's comment, you've felt this type of magic. Try to speak concensusly to keep the raw power of your words from going a wry.


It is very funny to me that the analysis of the shitpost got more attention than the shitpost.

I really appreciate ya'll 😊

@Crazypedia this was a big part that started me on my journey into etymology, the secret meanings of words and such.

@Crazypedia I was just reading in my ogham book about the power of words, using the ogham feda in speech and song! Words themselves definitely hold a great power.

@Crazypedia so THIS is why I've felt a measurable increase in mood since starting to learn toki pona!

@Crazypedia I really like this perspective, and the value of recognising our power in our everyday actions.

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