@Crazypedia Image description: nine tarot cards with the images on them replaced with appropriate Internet-sourced pictures of cats.

The Fool: a chubby cat lying on a pillow, in deep thought.
The Magician: a cat in a sink, wearing a wizard's cone hat.
The High Priestess: a cat presides over a pile of cash with a gun on top of it.
The Emperor: a very chubby cat wearing a tartan tie.
The Devil: a cat on a gas cooktop, with flames photoshopped in.
Judgement: a cat looks at itself in two mirrors.
The Hermat: a cat on a furry blanket watches its smartphone.
The Star: a cat on the ground next to a big sparkle shining sunlight in through a prism. There are many rainbows.
The World: a bewildered cat reacts to a pink thing, maybe a flower, that has been stuck on its head.

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