This is my stance on . They are elder horrors beyond are comprehension. And some of them are tasty πŸ„

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@Crazypedia if there is a mushroom ring, it means underground inside the ring there is mycelium feeding on something dead
mushroom rings are graves, the fairy lore makes sense if you consider how haunted you might be if you are rude with some creature's grave

@edclayand @Crazypedia Seconded. If I ever need to connect a present-day fictional universe to a fantasy one.

@Crazypedia this is interesting, I keep hearing similar things... is there reading material (not super jargon though) that explains what's the deal, or, why no deal can be made?

@jtr @Crazypedia I recently picked up "Entangled Life; How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds & Shape Our Future"

What a title but it's exactly what it says - really well written and argumented :)

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