@Crazypedia Correct. I did not. I'll try to remember to do so moving forward.

@Crazypedia@pagan.plus I am a cis guy. I'm not sure how much power I have, but I will use it to the best of my ability.

@Crazypedia I agree with the sentiment but I don't like that the group OP decided is privileged enough to do this is cis guys in general
a Black cis guy in a room full of white people or a disabled cis guy in a room full of ableds will get the same reaction to this as would a woman or a trans person in a room full of cis men

@raphaelmorgan if you haven't noticed, it's much more dangerous for minority groups to speak out against the status quo. Reminding those that are comfortable to take some of the responsibility for those risks is exactly what the message is here.

This isn't about a bipoc family at dinner, this is about that "well meaning white dude" that needs that push to do their part when someone says some racist/abilist/hateful something at work or in a meeting or at the bar 👍

@Crazypedia yes that's my point
cis guys are also often in minority groups and I don't like the implication that it's easier for them than all women or trans people, including those that are privileged in every other aspect
a cishet white abled rich woman won't have a harder time than a cis gay Black disabled poor man

@Crazypedia heh, if you're the only one in a group of ten who say that...

(I'm a trans woman for context)

@Crazypedia regarding what though? Eh ell it's regarding something so i'll repeat it.
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