And let's not forget our f谭r谈i谈e痰n潭d谈s谈 t痰虙蜐蜌h潭虌蜌e谈蜐摊台 m潭虙蜐虙蛧滩蜋蜏酞u谈蛣蜅處處虁蜁台s潭蛣虂踏虩蜋蛨蛨h潭虘蛢台r潭蛝虓虅摊o谭虜蜎虋蛼虦o潭虙蜌m檀處蜖摊獭s檀虈蛼虙處踏抬 馃崉馃懡

Good morning capitalism 

Good morning. I woke up and remeberethat the only viable choice remaining to us is violence.

Prepare accordingly 鉁

I need to get this as a bunch of stickers. Anyone know where I might find them?

Arcana bullshit is my aesthetic but I can't help but think they're being fleshist towards @ChaosSkeleton 馃槄

Yeah, still see the shadow shapes a few times a month 馃槄

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (no way, it's weed) 

How bout those pumpkin spiced nugs though 馃槀 馃巸 :weed:

My neighbor shared this and I think it's a great idea 馃槉 join us wherever you are for the to say goodbye to summer and welcome the changing wheel of the seasons 馃崅

I don't know that I'd recommend it, but they have a point 馃 :awizard2:

I like being a tourist in my own neighborhood.
Same place as yesterday's picture, but more fog 馃尗

As an aside, this is also a valid way of making sure a curse is fulfilled :blobcatknife:

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