Birthday Tarot Reading, mh(-/+) πŸŽ‚πŸ‘€ 


Have ya ever done yourself a reading, and just... Felt like you got yelled at, dressed down, and called out on every single important thing that's been bothering you lately, to an uncanny level, and then at the same time, the map, compass, and pat on the back you've been begging for thrust into your hands and being told "Go."?


I think I'm going to sit down with a notebook and no distractions for a bit and write some things out for myself πŸ“

Open to others takes and interpretations as well, and have a slice of cake while your here πŸ₯³πŸŽ‚πŸ°πŸ§

My Reading

*wakes up, starts getting ready for the day, pauses*

... Wait, I have to do these tasks in chronological order... Right... πŸ˜’
Anyway my tarot for the day suggests I'm going to be busy, and I just hope I'm prepared to seize any opportunities coming my way ✌️

:tarotsword: :tarot_card: :tarotsword:
Take a look at my Labyrinthos Reading!

Tarot Reading :empress_tarot_card: πŸ”€βš” βš” βš” :star_tarot_card: 

Feeling today's draw. It's the journey, but don't wander. You can do it, just pace yourself

Tarot πŸ”€ :tarotsword: 8️⃣ :star_tarot_card: :tarotsword: πŸ§’ 

Here's to embodying today's draw and turning things around to climb out of this pit 😬🀞

My Reading Take a look at my Labyrinthos Tarot Reading!

Labyrinthos Tarot Reading :justice_tarot_card: :death_tarot_card: :hanged_man_tarot_card: 

πŸ˜’ This is why I have been avoiding my decks

My Reading
Take a look at my Labyrinthos Tarot Reading!

Whoops, looks like I grabbed my Uno deck instead of my deck.

Anyway, it looks like fortunes been reversed! πŸ™ƒπŸ˜‰

Back into daily and , now in a new nook facing the sunrise to do it may help encourage me to get up a little earlier to do it πŸ˜…
Page of swords, sun, and page of pentacles, today is going to be a thoughtful, creative day, or that may play a role anyway. Didn't really sort out the astrological signs, I may need to make a copy of the referance pages for quick ref... Also, stamps are messy 🎨

Should I be really and draw for the year ahead Before or After Solstice? πŸ€” β˜€ :boost_requested: πŸ“Š

This may be interesting. On guard for feelings of worthlessness, scarcity, and threats to well being while trying to stay open and available.
Reminding myself I'm not in a bad place right now πŸ‘

Ah well feck me. Having to think about choices while doing the apathy and paralysis...? Feeling like a new start, sure sorta, but I'm more worried about the mindfield of choices and inaction πŸ™„πŸ˜’

Feeling the reading today. I am focused on advancing my objectives, staying focused and improving, and in the background, the howling of self doubt, worry, and fear of catastrophe.

I hope to practice giving room for those feelings without giving into them and continuing to move on with or without them...

So, starting November off by introducing a new deck, the tarot deck by LA Muci Design! 🀩

This was a Kickstarter to create an augmented reality tarot deck and it tickled my proclivities wonderfully. Here's some initial shots I took practicing with the app this morning :coolwitch: :_cards:

Tarot Reading, death, grief, therapy 

Today is a day of sitting with loss and grief. Therapy was tough but fulfilling. Talking about dad's death and the period right after is still really tough to do without crying and at this point I'm just going to let myself feel for a bit because I feel like I'm getting close to the heart of it.

The challenge today is balancing work responsibilities with inner work. I can't miss some of the calls, but I shouldn't have to participate too actively.
I'm clearing tonight's schedule to make room to go to back to give that grief time to be felt tonight and maybe try to write a letter to dad.

Let yourself love and be present with those you surround yourself with, neither of you truly know when it's time to part ways for the last time in this life...

Fairly certain that my first impression here is wrong and I need to be patient with today's read. Past experiences and present guidance tell me I'm on a good path, maybe I'm just committing in my subconscious today or making a change that solidifies my choices? πŸ€”

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