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Uncanny to draw the fool for new beginnings right after the full moon. I will try to stay honest and on task this week and know that any hardships are expected and shall pass.

Beset by self doubt from within and without, I need to steel my resolve and press on 👀🤞
Erie how relevant these are sometimes

It's Thursday ya'll! Keep moving forward and this too shall pass. Do not stay idle for too long.

It's Thursday ya'll, keep moving forward even of it sucks. Rest of you need to but so not remain idle too long

Take a look at my Reading for today. It doesn't feel like it applies to me today and I'm looking for other less obvious interpretations or other ways to apply this draw :at_ok: :boost_ok: is :blobcatwitch:

Tarot mh~ :at_ok: 

Thinking: chariot inverted
Feeling: knight of swords
Doing: 7 of Cups

Feeling like I need to charge in like the calvery without really thinking about what I'm doing or how I'm acting could lead me into hardship, so I need to slow my roll and check my footing today...

Danger lurks in making the same old decisions both at work and in relationships. The draw of nostalgia will mask the smart choices and I need to remeber to stick to my new path. My resolve is about to be tested. :blobcoffeegrump:

Today's tarot :tarotsword: :death_tarot_card: :tarotsword: :at_ok: 

I was wondering yesterday how long until Death came up somewhere in these readings.
Today is going to be a day of self compassion as I slow my pace and get comfortable with the direction and transformation I'm committing to. Thinking of rest and recovery while feeling stagnant is not new for me. I must recognize that I may need the time to process.
The doing is tricky. I know I've not put in the work work needed st my job, but I've already started trying to own that and make amends and catch up

Today's tarot :tower_tarot_card: :sun_tarot_card: :death_tarot_card: 

ominous, not sure what the context is. Thinking the and feeling the , I'm going to be relieved, overjoyed at the tearing down? And doing ? I'm completing something by my thinking?

I've had a number of draws like this over the last few weeks I haven't shared either...

Good morrow everyone! I hope you have a good day, I'm off to attempt to embody my draw today 😬 :blobcoffee:

Today's tarot draw 

Accurate. Wanting to turn inward and rest and reflect, feeling a strong obligation to work, and trying to mediate the two

My Labyrinthos Tarot Reading :at_ok: 

Today's forecast has an elevated chance of suck and poor coping. Advised to stick to the planner, try to keep focused on one thing at a time, and change perspective before giving in to dispair 😒

Take a look at my Reading!

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