Tonight's idea πŸ’‘ using ai image generation to "scry"

I neeto find out if I can have some dedicated hardware in house to speed up image generation πŸ€”

So, starting November off by introducing a new deck, the tarot deck by LA Muci Design! 🀩

This was a Kickstarter to create an augmented reality tarot deck and it tickled my proclivities wonderfully. Here's some initial shots I took practicing with the app this morning :coolwitch: :_cards:

Just had a vision of a far future with a that uses a type of to change and evocations and they've made it voice controlled too πŸ˜‚ anime wand waving BS and it's glorious

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Oh uh, surprising probably no one but me, I watched this and learned that I practice what is probably best described as πŸ˜…

Watch "What Is ? | 101" on YouTube

Considering applications of using a breadboard and kits in making πŸ€” πŸ€“ :blobcatwitch:

For real..

Training an AI on simbols, sigils, text in multiple languages, etc, and then having it go frame by frame through a video of a ritual involving dropping ink into a clear water vessel, a d seeing if it identifies anything....

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