Does anyone know of an or calendar with planet, moon, and other celestial phases, transits, etc? Preferably one I can add to my GπŸ‘€gle calendar

I asked, universe answered, here's a useful podcast (with transcripts) on β™‘ season for each sign. I'm a β™Œ so this is the link for that one but this does a half hour episode for each sign once a month! I enjoyed it, learned a little, will keep listening 🎧
The show is called, Embodied with Renee Stills

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Recognizing that my fascination with isn't to predict the future, but to give structure to a chaotic life by looking for guidelines in a world where the expectations and realities of my grandparents, parents, and early self largely no longer apply...

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Heya fediverse friends, I'm still trying to get a grasp on how to make sense of the daily changing signs and positions. I struggle to understand how exactly the planets, sign, aspect, house, and modes interact since it doesn't seem like each element is used each day.

For example, January 1st, Sun(rules leo, related to life-force and personality) is trine(supportive, accepting) to neptune(rules Pisces, related to dreams, illusion, and idealism). Ok, annnnd, how do I interpret that? There's also a half dozen other signs to look at each day as well. And does any of this have to do with the I calculated?
I'm not even sure what questions I should be asking πŸ˜…

Can anyone and any easy to grasp resources such as a video, server, or very simply put website that helps explain these?

Also of note, I'm using the and planners

I'm putting more effort into understanding and i can see, up head around the learning curve, the part where I'm rambling off stream of consciousness astrology readings where it's "...oohh so mercury is in this sign but mars is just about to move out of that sign so when jupiter is over here in a week that means..." and i do not know if i am terrified of it or welcome it...

I honestly don't understand most of what's in this planner yet but makes me giddy πŸ˜„
And not understanding it is driving me to put more work into learning about it πŸ‘πŸ“š

well tomfoolery is done for now. I might be able to tackle but only after i've had time to go through the docs more. I don't recall there being a way to call external lists of items either...

Also i need to spend time looking at how to build the grammar for readings so i know what the lists will need to look like πŸ˜…

I really wish these were easier to understand. Part of it is memorizing what each symbol is short hand for, but I want a study group to work through it together with πŸ˜… learning together would be more fun!

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Starting a thread to share books and reading recommendations for all things pagan, witchy, and occult. Please respond to this post with any titles you'd recommend or want to share, and for visibility. Bonus internet points if you include a summery or start a discussion about the reading materials too! πŸ€“ :at_ok:

Well, I don't even know the right questions to be asking to start understanding , so I guess I'll start asking any questions, including wrong ones, until I find a thread I can pull on to find the right path :coolwitch: 🌌

So, I want to learn more about , the , and how to read all that and stuff i dont even know to tag yet. It seems like something that ends up being very technical and calculable, so i think it's something in my interest area, but i need somewhere to start that assumes i have no knowledge and uses plain language. A video series or blog/book with diagrams and examples would be wonderful.

Thanks for any help! :boost_requested: :at_me:


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