I wonder how difficult it is to set up a little and tracker :blob_thinking_smirk:

Seriously considering putting a at something dumb like "magick dot moe" or something for and to connect on 👀

Any other ideas?

A great video with advice for everyone no matter where you are on your journey. Many reminders to think about the choices before you, including some you might not have recognized that were available to you :chillblobwitch:

Watch "10 Tips for Beginners in & Arts [ Saturday Videos]" on YouTube youtu.be/CpAkHbBHQ9Q

A great video on being mindful and considerate to living traditions and practices when building our own spiritual toolkits and understandings. Some nice recommendations for introductions to resources too

Watch "A Solo Mistake (of and ) [ Saturdays]"

A Book of Pagan Prayer by Ceisiwr Serith

Having come up in heavily christian and catholic culture and having rejected it, never had any sort of connection with me. That said, i really connected with this book because it provides prayers, , etc that fit into beliefs with gods and those without. It also has a large portion dedicated to ideas and thoughts when composing your own, which is great.
Overall i definitely recommend this if you're interested in prayer, , and making your own.

Recommended to me from this video, which i also recommend to you if you'd like some reading.

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Oh, the part that separates the visual aesthetic and the practice of the art of is that an aesthetic is just surface deep, all in the visual appeal. What makes it an art and craft is putting meaning to all those details.

Oh uh, surprising probably no one but me, I watched this and learned that I practice what is probably best described as 😅

Watch "What Is ? | 101" on YouTube youtu.be/Nbk2kYsDgvY

I honestly don't understand most of what's in this planner yet but makes me giddy 😄
And not understanding it is driving me to put more work into learning about it 👍📚

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Starting a thread to share books and reading recommendations for all things pagan, witchy, and occult. Please respond to this post with any titles you'd recommend or want to share, and for visibility. Bonus internet points if you include a summery or start a discussion about the reading materials too! 🤓 :at_ok:


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