My dog knows these words in toki pona 

:kama: = come here
:tawa: = go, move away
:awen: = wait
:insa: = inside
:ma: = outside
:soweli: = animal
:pona: = good
:telo: = water
:moku: = food, eat
:musi: = fun, play
:tomo: = building, indoor apace
:seme: = what, lack of understanding
:weka: :jaki: = potty
:poka: = beside (me)

He's also familiar with a few phrases
:insa: :tomo: = to go inside (building/car/elevator)
:tawa: :li: :ma: = let's go outside
:tomo: :soweli: :musi: = doggy daycare
:ma: :kasi: :soweli: :musi: = dogpark

These are augmented further by some concepts that are easier as a single English word he's already learned or has fewer syllables than a toki pona equivalent


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Don't forget to fill the :a_:

Remind your friends as well. Send them this now! We need to reach every corner to truly know how the Toki Pona community is changing.

Has anyone taught how to use yet? 🤔 I wonder what it could do with the simpler language set

Considering trying the word 'awen' as a focus. 'Awen' being wait, patience, security, calmness, etc... 😌


:ale: :li: :ni:

A translation of the French " c'est la vie"

Huzzah! Pagan.Plus now has in the form of glyphs! :pu:

:toki: :pona: :toki_pona_flag:

*borrowed from the instance. Thank you!

Huh, took me a lot less time to make these vocabulary cards... I hope this will be a language I manage to pick up 😅


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