v happy to be furthering the tradition today of shitpost event announcements. found this on bird app suposedly from 1887.

contraptions! bombs extra! bring your own dynamite!

And let's not forget our f谭r谈i谈e痰n潭d谈s谈 t痰虙蜐蜌h潭虌蜌e谈蜐摊台 m潭虙蜐虙蛧滩蜋蜏酞u谈蛣蜅處處虁蜁台s潭蛣虂踏虩蜋蛨蛨h潭虘蛢台r潭蛝虓虅摊o谭虜蜎虋蛼虦o潭虙蜌m檀處蜖摊獭s檀虈蛼虙處踏抬 馃崉馃懡

Good morning The Sun, our ancient eldritch horror 

unfathomably ancient, here before all of us and will outlive us all by billions of years

its light is so strong that prolonged exposure can burn or blind you even from millions of miles away

once worshipped as a god by various religions and cults who made sacrifices to appease it

will eventually expand as it burns out and dies and consume us in a desperate attempt to extend its lifespan

"screams" as a warning before emitting solar flares

Made some progress on this one, decided to add some calligraphy 馃き

we're seeing spiciness levels at about 38%

(38%) 鈻犫枲鈻犫枴鈻♀枴鈻♀枴鈻♀枴

Liber CCXII I Ching hexagram for September 26

Ta Kwo

Water of Air

TA KWO: A weakened beam is under stress.
To move in any manner spells success.

The Moving Line:

Place mats for things set down; then faults are few.


#IChing #HexagramOfTheDay #DailyHexagram #divination #cleromancy

Periodic reminder that the phrase "the personal is political" does not mean your personal lifestyle choices have political weight (they may or may not); it means the problems you encounter in your personal life (that people often tell you are just your own personal problem) frequently have a political policy locus they originate from, to which you can and should direct energy.

I suppose I need to have a little new moon treat 馃寫 :blobcatpeek:

Experiencing the awesomeness of the #fediverse remembers me a bit of the time as the internet was still fun :Winklash:
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