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Food, CAPS, Fae mischief 

This person was tricked by a Fae wearing the disguise of Alton Brown

Kinda really surprised that I can't find any type of sarcasm emoji 🤔

Seems like lots of folk are exhausted and drained of energy over the last few days...

What do we want to blame? 😃 /sarcastic :boost_ok:

Uspol, weed 

Me: Hey I don't feel like I want to get high today, I'll for us on work without it, it'll be great!

Radio: *plays news clip about Rittenhouse*

Me: 🤬😒

sometimes i forget that not everyone is trans, poly and incredibly gay

it is caturday! pls patpat a kitn to celebrate.

@Crazypedia you can write wishes on bay leaves with a pin and put them in soup

Tales from Tamriel - 20211119 [Undaunted Event] 

Running Undaunted event challenges and hanging out in voice chat. Join the party!
#ESO #ElderScrolls #Twitch DropsEnabled #Undaunted

It's another big news / disturbing news day.

I'm looking at a toot in which the name of a key individual is deliberately obscured. For the sake of those who filter by keywords, I strongly suggest not doing that.

As a reminder:

  • CWs hide payload, they also make viewing threads much more difficult, especially when explicitly opened to view in an unauthenticated session. This is a long-standing misfeature of Mastodon that I'd really appreciate @Gargron and #MastoDevs address. I generally though not always limit my use of CWs on account of this. I do include keywords and hashtags which can be filtered if at all possible.

  • Many Fediverse interfaces offer keyword filtering. You can drop topics and terms into your profile configuration, either permanently or on a temporary basis.

  • If someone begs off a discussion, let them be. My preferred response is simply to apologise and acknowledge, privately. "My apologies, dropped". If you attack in response, you're not a good person, just sayin'.

And as fair warning, I may have things to say on news events. If you'd prefer to mute or block me, that's your prerogative. That said, I think it's critically important that significant issues can be discussed publicly, with intelligence and respect.

Please be sure to use CWs for uspol right now.

We are all angry.

Migrating people from corporate surveillance platforms 

Smugly berating people for continuing to use Facebook/Twitter/etc will never work.

Instead, we need to step up as a humble member of our micro communities. Offer to build customized alternatives tailored to their needs, offer free trainings, write customized documentation, serve as on-call technical support. And in return build enough trust that when we bring proposals to change infrastructure they will jump on board.

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A place for serious content to casual interest, discussions, practices, and all things pagan, heathen, and witchy; nature, magic, and self discovery and growth.

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