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Yeah, still see the shadow shapes a few times a month πŸ˜…

Today's battle (mh-) 

At least I can see the battle lines. There's a part of me that wants to curl up in a ball and hide from existing and it's doing every thing it can to glue me bodily to the floor.

But, it's just a powerful peice, not an important one.
Other parts of me want to skateboard with the dog to the bakery for fresh pretzels. To go see friends at the dog park. To do anything other than the part tryi g to pin me to the ground wants.

I know which one I want to win, but damn, it's hard, I know there's going to be a bill, and I have to have the energy to wear my masks 🎭 tomorrow 😩

If I can avoid taking a nap, I know who's going to win 😴

Oh shit... 

It's going to be the cello part of Cannon in D 🀣😭🀣😭🀣😭

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Also caught that sweet post-sunset haze. (That's Table Mountain on the other side :))

On the positive, I've communicated my boundaries and expectations to my coworkers, I'm going to take a short break, and I'm going to come back and try again

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Ah fuck. Now I'm slipping into overwhelm thanks to work crisis and very serious crisis with a dear friend 😫

I want to go absolutely feral and start shredding reality so we can put it back together right, but that's not how it works.

I'm Goin gto write a short list of priorities for today, take a feep breath, and go for a walk in the woods before I start trying to tackle anything 😀

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Oh. It seems my gains from personal growth and enforcing the goals and boundaries I've set for myself may be challenged this week πŸ˜‘

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (no way, it's weed) 

How bout those pumpkin spiced nugs though πŸ˜‚ πŸŽƒ :weed:

Hmmmm, I could use part of today to tune and practice my cello a bit, and take it and an amp to the balcony later πŸ€”

But I'm a little rusty and need something I can pick up and sight read without it having too complicated of a melody 🎢

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My neighbor shared this and I think it's a great idea 😊 join us wherever you are for the to say goodbye to summer and welcome the changing wheel of the seasons πŸ‚

A Tuesday evening rainbow (a second is just visible) 🌈

The Moon is Waning Crescent (22% of Full) 🌘

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