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Chapter 4 of " Crimson Red: The Legendary Master" is now live on . This is dedicated to the memory of my late younger brother. In this Chapter, our main character finally goes to Professor Oak's lab to receive a Pokedex as well as his Starter Pokemon. He thought he would be the first one there, but of course his rival is there waiting for him. Please enjoy.

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So I call myself a , unironically. However, the idea about posting something discussing Wizardry (with a capital W) as if it were a non-monolithic group like , , or (which one might discuss in an academic sense) comes across as mildly absurd. The term itself is culturally laden with ideas thrust upon it by Dungeons & Dragons or Harry Potter (FUCK TERFs), and its basic definition comes down to "One who practices magic". Yet when people ask me about my brand of woo, I default to using this term which seems to evoke nothing useful in terms of describing myself.

For some reason I find that remarkably refreshing and kinda liberating.

I revel in the fact that by adopting a term that evokes pop culture nonsense I free myself from the expectations of other practitioners of the . We live in an era which incentivizes people to be able to brand themselves so that we can participate in the commodification of ourselves as magically inclined people in addition to being workers under Capital. That doesn't vibe with me. Crystallization of the identity leads to complacency and stagnation, at least that's my perspective.

The point of my practice isn't to be religious, nor is it to begin a school or seek students. I've been a mentor to others in the same way I was mentored, which is to say I'm there to help build a foundation but once that's done you're going to have to build the house yourself. Don't get me wrong, I admire people who work with gods and spirits (sometimes I even envy them). Heck, I've tried, but they treated me the way I described the way I teach - once the foundation was build they were outta there, and I get treated more with professional courtesy than anything in the patron-parent spectrum so many folks talk about. Anyways, that's it for now.

Now I'm gonna go ponder my orb that is definitely not just a Magic 8-Ball :blobwizard:

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Hello everyone, my name is Julian Invictus. I'm a 34 year old non-binary Stay-At-Home parent of two children. To be honest, I always struggle with giving an . Perhaps that is because of my self-diagnosed , I don't know. Yes, I am part of the .

I chose to migrate to the Pagan.Plus instance because a number of people I follow on Twitter recommended it publicly. When leaving Twitter, it struck me that I had a choice regarding the type of community I wanted to join. Social Media was largely a tool for the last three years to promote myself as a Twitch Streamer, but I quit that in August to focus on just being a Dad and trying to sort out my own identity outside of content creation. Given the choice, I decided that I wanted to be part of a community where I could feel safe just being Weird. So I decided that the people I wanted to follow from Twitter to Mastodon were the type where I could talk shop about , , , and/or things and most folks would be chill and open to those subjects.

My journey through alternative spirituality has been as meandering as anything else in my life. I started with , then moved on to studying under a Heathen Godhi who was my mentor until he passed away years ago. We met in a class on at my alma mater, The University of Kansas. Of course I have experience with and creating and I participate occasionally on the Discord server as well as on Facebook. At this point I like to refer to myself as a "wizard" rather than any type of , and my major practices are internal alchemy and mysticism with a keen interest in apotheosis. I do a lot of trancework, practice Tarot divination, and I'm a big fan of Tommie Kelly's for divination and evocation.

I also write and work with and on .

Witch Tip: If you love to research for your craft but struggle to find the motivation to write everything down so you don't forget, try using a voice recorder app on your phone instead! As you research, have your recorder handy and repeat aloud any details that you want to save.

Well I had an absolutely fantastic Harvest Festival stay-cation. My wife and I got to spend a lot of quality time together, the kids had a good time out of school, and we ate some really great food. Now, I can hopefully get the house recovered and hop back on to writing my fan fic.

Gift for you @Julian_Invictus, zoom in :-) #pixelfun #lordoftherings Only made with Lord Of The Rings and The hobbit trailers frames.
Boost is cool, a follow is appreciated

Please actually have posts on your page if you want me to follow you back :blobcheerwitch:

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I tried to make turkeys scary(er) using AI. 

The AI decided that turkeys were largely already horrifying enough, until I started adding a turkey emoji

That's fair 😰

I started a Tradition with Korra a couple years ago. She was dubbed the "Turkey Apprentice" to my "Turkey Master". Every year, she observes and participates in the process of making Thanksgiving Dinner, and then to complete the ritual she eats the Turkey Heart after it's used to make the Gravy. Upon eating the heart she "absorbs its power" and levels up as an Apprentice, and when she reaches Level 10 she will be able to cook an entire Thanksgiving Dinner by herself (like I can). This year, as a Level 2 Apprentice, she will be in charge of making a single side dish with only light supervision.

It's just a fun little game I came up with while trying to be sure I teach my children food prep and safety, so they grow up to be adults who can cook.

Allusions to religious trauma 

As a parent I believe that if I don't teach my children , then someone else will. There are many, many proselytizing manipulators out in the world who are licking their lips at the prospect of a blank slate for them to sink their grubby little teeth into. People in the and community often very publicly wring their hands over the question of whether or not to teach their children about their religious or spiritual beliefs.

My advice is you're worried about the wrong thing, and asking the wrong questions.

Just remember, your kids don't have your religious trauma. Chances are that trauma was rooted in the idea that your safety and membership in your family was conditioned upon believing a religion that didn't suit your needs. You felt like you didn't have a choice. So, give your kids a choice, but don't leave them vulnerable to exploitation by the Evangelist on the corner.

Turns out I was banned for calling out the real logical endgame of the anti-queer movement.

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#FollowFriday recs: @tommiekelly

Tommie created the 40 Servants, a sigilized divination card system. It's totes cool. #occult #occultists #ChaosMagick

Dave Lee is fantastic chaos magician and multi-talented #occultist known for shaping the chaos current for most of it's known existence.

#ChaosMagic isn’t defined by sigils, servitors or summoning Superman. It’s not “git’ ard“ magick, immenitizing the eschaton or ignoring the past.

It’s about defining success on your own terms.

Reject monetisation, algorithms, “like & subscribe” and petty arguments. Get out there, do stuff and find people to talk to about what happened. Make mistakes, fall over, get up, try again. Smash gates, get back to the magical commons and don’t forget to keep moving.

#ChaosMagick #Occult #occultism

Having grown up in Colorado Springs, the shooting at Club Q in which 5 lives - straight, trans and gay - were lost, was especially painful to hear about. Thankfully combat veteran Richard Fierro brought the shooter down. One way to thank this hero is to buy merch from the Brewery he owns in Colorado Springs.
I did some early Xmas shopping and I hope you will too! May these heroes stay forever strong, may the deceased rest in peace, may the injured recover soon. 🙏🏻

Student loan payment freeze extension 

Well at least the democrats aren't just going to roll over and let the lawsuit tie things up until payments resume.
Honestly more than I expected from them

CNBC: Biden administration to extend payment pause on after June or until legal challenges resolve.

“I demurred; much of our mythology and lore was indeed preserved in illuminated manuscripts written in Irish monasteries in the Middle Ages. “Maybe,” she said, “but is the female lore there? And what about the herbal lore? And the knowledge of magic?”

I admitted very little of this type of material had survived. But Lewis Cardinal interrupted with a challenge. ‘How would you know?’ he said. I said I was familiar with the contents of many of the major manuscripts, and that the type of knowledge Jo-Ann was referring to simply wasn’t there. He gave a knowing smile and nodded to Jerry, who explained that in old cultures such knowledge would generally not have been revealed to the uninitiated. The information would have been shared only with those who it was deemed deserved to know it, and they would have preserved it among themselves.”

Today The Climate Book is finally released in many parts of the world! I want to use my platform to share the reality of the climate crisis – to communicate a holistic picture of how the world is changing and what we need to do about it. That is why I created this book. 1/4

"Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones."

- Marcus Aurelius

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