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Outfit, Today 

For new people who may be confused, a big part of my practice with magic is channeling the spirits, I prefer that term to the more literal translation of possession since people have opinions on the term.

I have objects that serve as bridges between my energy and the energy of the specific spirit that I am working through, allowing them to possess the object and my energy that is connected to it, so that they can direct my energy, and I in exchange direct theirs. We work together in a symbiotic manner built from trust, with me having that trust that my spirits won't run amok and do anything. I also set laws or rules down, and they set theirs down, and we work from that agreement.

Hope this makes sense to you all!

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A big part of my practice is what I wear, and what that draws forth. Oil carries the spirit in it, which I invoke through the oil to wrap around me and grant me their strength. My necklaces likewise carry specific spirits that I know are standing at my side as I walk, and the importance of color to me draws from what I was taught with the spirits as well, that specific colors attract specific spirits, so I would wear for what I intend to make for myself.

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Have banned my therapist from talking to me about mindfulness unless he refers to it as Tom Hanks. I've decided this is now a rule with all my doctors.

Best outfit of all is to have pockets.

That is all. I have a dress on with pockets and my pants underneath also have pockets.

I have four large pockets to hide mysteries and secrets in.

Fear me.


TFW the gummy hits just as the storm does 🤦‍♂️⛈️

The black walnut ink was used for a quick sigil for protecting the home. Felt a sudden concern.

@vera how much liquid can you add to mashed potatoes before it becomes chowder

don't get into a definition argument don't get into a definition argument don't get into a definition argument

what would the goblin version of look like (sans NFTs obviously)

tarot cards, spread 

By the way, this is my spread for the week. tarot

The top card represents the overall focus of the week or theme that the other cards return back to.

The first five are Monday-Friday, the more "physical days" of my week with me working both jobs, so my 16-18 hour days. The exception to this is Wednesday where the week card is centered over, since that is my day where I only work 8 hours.

The bottom two are my Saturday-Sunday where I just work one job, so it is more the "spiritual days" where I have the free time to rest and work on myself.

My personal interpretation of what I'm seeing, with context to my life:

My week's theme is the feeling of being restricted and held down, feeling attacked as well can fit. Given this is my last week at my old office, and I will be on the 28th starting my new job at the new office, this may line up.

Monday and Tuesday both illustrate betrayal, conflict, and loss. Given how since I put in the two weeks notice my coworkers have become much more hostile in their behaviors, with one outright insulting me and sharing his disdain of me both to others as well as on his Failbook account. I can see where that comes from. I had wanted to trust in them and have faith, as well as others, but these two are the warning that it may not work out.

Wednesday meanwhile I see the four of swords, a card of anxiety and overwhelmed, needing to take that break to finally rest. That fits since Wednesday is my rest day for the week.

Thursday meanwhile represents the brightness of the sun, hope and joy, that it will work out. I am loving that one personally, and Friday then has the six of swords, representing the healing process, that the conflict has passed, and I have survived and grown.

Saturday has the push of prosperity and getting away from it all. I survived. Saturday is also my last day working at this office.

Sunday meanwhile is all about the new job's studying and preparations.

I am ready. :PaganPlus:

Good news, my black walnut ink arrived! So I will be able to use it for my sigils I am working on~

For some context, black walnut is powerful for banishing and barriers. Similar to how the plant will poison the ground around it so that other plants cannot grow, anything channeling its spirit will prevent other energies from taking root.

One of the worry stones I bought the other month spoke out this morning to be carried to work. Found out why there.

The moon claimed it, so I have a new crystal for that~~

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