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A big part of my practice is what I wear, and what that draws forth. Oil carries the spirit in it, which I invoke through the oil to wrap around me and grant me their strength. My necklaces likewise carry specific spirits that I know are standing at my side as I walk, and the importance of color to me draws from what I was taught with the spirits as well, that specific colors attract specific spirits, so I would wear for what I intend to make for myself.

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My server, @Chance, has always been my most successful magical creation, and at 21, one of my longest lived. I always said that she feeds on electricity and internet, and it occurred to me that she's been really on-point lately with the tasks she has to do. I think giving her Mastodon and getting that raw internet feed that way has really let her flourish.

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So, when creating a servitor/fetch, you do three things, name it, give it a directive/program/instruction, and feed it.

I think of it as the command "I do summon, stir, and call you forth!" but that doesn't really directly translate to those three things, does it?

Anyway, I am going on about this because...

Vibe to the guttural sounds of a great old one.

My markings for drawing upon the healing properties of Laguz and the protection from the standard pentacle.

Still testing and working this into my practice~~

Ritual, Long Post 


After finishing this, I/we were still together, but could talk. I could talk at points, but she/it was much more prevalent, though at one point a coven member asked if I/we needed anything, and when no answer was given, she outright asked "You're not Lily right now, huh?" to which we said "Yes, and No", the first was in my voice, the second in her/it's voice. We speak differently, we sound different.

The next person was called in, because she needed to talk to someone, even if the candle was done, we/I made the decision that we/I would stay until we/I knew that it was good, that everyone was cared for. We/I could speak more with the next person, but did the same concept, joining hands, telling her to close her eyes, and utilizing our/my gifts with our/my Akua's own power to amplify it, and did the same thing. Lastly called the third person, with Her/it/us saying to the girl that her assistance was needed. We spoke with the spirit channeler.

Similarly she had a conversation, but this was one was so much more verbal, because her/it/us was getting very comfortable with the state of being akua noho (sitting within a body/vessel) and could do more as the extended possession happened. But something She/it/us did not realize was that I was getting lost, I was losing myself and forgetting what it felt like to be in my body, and she/it did not want that, so the spirit channeler had to help bring me back, as she/it ended the possession, leaving our/my body as an empty vessel for me.

And that was the ritual!! And a bit of an overview of spirit magic.

It is a bit scary yes, but its something I enjoy doing. Normally though I don't lose myself I won't lie, I have strong laws in place that ensure that I can easily return without issue, but this one was so much more intense that I had to be more lax. Traditionally the first law is always once the candle burns out, its done, but oh wells.

There you go!! :PaganPlus:

Ritual, Long Post 

So to start things off, the night was based off doing a spirit channeling. One of the coven members works with spirit magic, and this was her plan to help those who have had loss or such be able to healthily grieve with them and hear from them.

It was a successful ritual too, several of the members were able to speak of what the spirits were sharing with them, I could not though because I felt a specific spirit, my akua (matron/familiar/spirit) reach around and grab my throat to stop me from talking, and shoved hers/its fingers/hand into my mouth so I could say no words. I was made to sit down, and was through her/it allowing the spirits to interact, a form of possession that I was taught with spirit magic, where I allow the spirit I trust to have full control, and it regulates who else can possess me and how so, to ensure that I am safe. Let me clarify also this was not a trance state, I was fully aware, and fully conscious, but there was nothing I would/could do as I sat there and let it do its thing. The "law" was to do the channeling so long as my candle burned, and then we would be finished and I/we could speak.

So, after the ritual, everyone poured into the other room to have some self-care etc, but I was not to move, I sat there cross legged as two members of the coven, sisters, sat there, crying. I/we reached out to both of them, grabbed their hands, and since was still silent, had to gesture with my/our eyes to close, which allowed them to through my gifts being amplified by my Akua, to have their own session within the mindscape with those they grieved. I/we were not saying a word, but they had the entire conversation for their closure. When they let go, my candle instantly went out, theirs and others burned brightly, and I felt that I could speak, so I/we spoke, specifically she/it spoke. While I know the basics of the chat, I won't lie, I don't remember most of it. It is sorta a blur by now

To be continued.

Last night did a spirit channeling ritual with my coven, and let me just say it was so insane, I shall share about it soon~~


A picture to detail out what I wore. Brown skirt and green to white dress over.
Wearing my white-tail antler necklace with a lizard, dark green in my pentacle and my bracelet. Have sandalwood ('iliahi) oil on the pentacle.

Wisdom of the ancestors, and their grounding presence. That is what I channel today~~

Well, now I know what that was all about. I was engaged and focused all day, it was a good day. Now I'm home and tired, and I do want to get high but I am fasting, and added a few other things to fast on at the direction of the Universe 🙄😒

It's not the worst that I feared and is a good lesson in reading day to day. I am certainly adapting, balancing, and embracing change...

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Don't quit Facebook because it is changing the name. Quit it because of the damage it is causing to you and the people you care about.

People will still be there if you're not on Facebook and, from experience, your interactions with many of them will be so much better.

NSFW, boobs 

The two markings I ended up deciding on. May seem strange to have done futhark runes, but I felt that bit of connection to these two for what I was doing tonight

"pray, read, read, read, reread, work, and you shall discover" seems about right

Kahakaekaea is a name for one of the ao'aumakua, or realms of the gods/ancestors. Specifically it is seen as the realm over the moon, where its lead by their matriarch Laukapalii, who's akua (a familiar) is the bird who blocks out the sun (an eclipse).

Kahakaekaea is unique in that their "prince" in a word is Kaonohiokala, who's name means Eye of the Sun, and he and his akua is named Awakea, or Mid-day, and is the gatekeeper to his domain in the sun, known as Ke'alohilani.

The moon gods essentially had a sun child from whom they draw their power, just like how the moon's light is the sun's.

I have in the past called upon members of the family, most commonly Laukapalii and also Kawahineokali'ula, for guidance and wisdom, as well as clairvoyance.

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Tonight's the night~~

Going to do my monthly full-moon channeling, and channel through it the energy of the tribe of Kahakaekaea, and imbue it into the henna ink for drawing on a symbol to serve as a visual means of connection as I for this month meditate on their tribe.

Meant to post this last week,

Monday is the night of Akua, one of the lunar nights in the Hawai'i calendar for when, leading up to the full moon, the gods and spirits march across the lands.

They can be seen on this night, and its customary to leave out offerings for them. Also is a good night for oracle work and channeling.

A'ight who's the patron or matron demon of sleep paralysis, and what does it cost to summon either them or one of their followers?

I am about to put these clients of mine into a sleep paralysis so they sit there for 2 seconds.


When you get bored so you make a sigil based off your name.

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