@wattdefalk @Crazypedia I agreed with what Crazypedia said, and not just because I am a therapist. Therapy always helps if you having a seriously rough time, or just want some help to organize your thoughts and feelings.

Another one would be the importance of taking self-care for not just your physical health, but mental and spiritual.

And, above all else, find what brings a smile to your face and gives you joy. If reading a good book does that, or burning some nice smelling candles, or doing a guided meditation brings you relief and joy, then make that part of your routine. Make that routine of positive lifestyles.

I don't know if you look at my posts, but I commonly post about my outfits, makeup, and such with the magic that I am drawing forth from that. Both from the spiritual perspective and mundane, that is something that I look forward to every morning, taking the time to really think about my day and how to make myself smile in how I look. It brings me joy to have clothing options that match jewelry, tattoo markings, everything.

You're allowed to give yourself something nice, and allowed to take that time to smile. The world can wait five minutes for you to breathe. 💖

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