I just screamed at Alexa with my mouth full of food and she understood -- this is definitely a feature.

Wait, we're supposed to make posts?!

That's ... weird? Maybe I'm just old (at 40) and don't understand the idea of introducing myself to the general public. I just sign up and start subjecting y'all to my crap ;)

Ok, well... my name is Nesi which is short for Nesiwepwawet (which means "Belonging to Wepwawet). I'm (they/them please), neurodivergent (ASD, BPD, SPD), married, Orthodox (tl;dr a Pagan faith), and my day job is spent as an IoT professional which I actually like quite a bit.

I'm a huge and general geek, my spouse and I do not want any children ( by choice), and I'm and (eff diet culture).

I am vaccinated, opinionated, and I don't stand for any BS.

And that... is basically it? <3

pretty fucked that the media has driven many people to "never read the news intentionally"

like I get it it's mostly fucking depressing bullshit, but how are you meant to know what's going on outside your bubble if you don't get information from somewhere

To be crystal clear, this includes people with mental health issues. And if you don't think mental health issues cause severe pain, you're what I like to call "wrong".

Image ID: Rainbow text reads "Most people with chronic pain don't medicate to no pain"

Image ID: Panel 1 - "I need to know your AGAB (assigned gender at birth) because reasons." Panel 2 - "That's the neat part, you don't!"

Serious abortion shit, cartoon gore 

Found in a French paper.

Photo ID... I'm loathe to write it out but it's important for our blind friends, so the way to describe this will be... it's a cartoon of the American flag but instead of stars, there are coat hangers, and instead of stripes, there are trails of blood leading to the bodies of pregnant women.

Yep that about sums it up really.


Image text: First panel, stick-outline person with 'anti-vax' shirt, says "My body my choice". Second panel, stick-outline person with pro-choice shirt, says "Yeah!"
-- Anti-vax person responds, "not you"

I had to remove someone from my friends' list the day before yesterday, because they threatened to come at people in their comments if they posted "May the 4th be with you" on their wall because, in their mind, the Star Wars thing overshadows ... *check notes* ... the "Kent State shootings", something that happened before I was born, in a country I wasn't raised in.

First, I'm not going to keep someone who throws down vague general threats to invade people's personal space (YES social media has personal space) with literally the purpose of upsetting them. If you didn't want to upset them, you would just post a memorial on your own page; instead, you want to actually harm the mental health of others by 'lecturing' them on something they may not even know exists.

Second, if we're going to get upset about "Star Wars Day" (and to be clear, I'm not a 'Wars fan, so I couldn't care less either way) overshadowing Kent State, I guess we also have to get upset about it overshadowing... I dunno, the tornadoes that killed like a dozen people May 4 2007, or the day Margaret Thatcher became Britain's first female prime minister (May 4 1964), or whatever Florida Man was doing on any May 4th of any year ever?

A big apology to anyone who's birthday is May the 4th, you are officially canceled, because this individual tells you that you are canceled. Sorry!

Kent State, now that I've even heard of it (which I hadn't before), was a terrible tragedy... but you're seriously going to rail on people for saying "May the Fourth be with you" because you think that automatically means people have chosen to ignore that tragedy?

This is an American thing right? It's gotta be...

Edit: Oh, right!

May the 4th be with you!

Gilead, Abortion 

I see the United States is going full Gilead which is always concerning.

Right now of course the media is reporting left and right about how Canada is one of few countries where abortion is legal at the federal level at any stage and that is how it absolutely should be, because that is my body, my choice; however, when you are as 'attached' to another country as Canada is to the US, you do fear for the way policy changes like this in your closest 'ally' can embolden conservative/right-wing wackjobs to push for similar changes in our own country, to which I would promptly say "If you want that life, the US is making it available, so have at it and get out" but that's just me.

Fact checking though: While Abortion is legal in Canada at the federal level, we leave service access up to the provinces (that's States for everyone south of the border), which creates some sticking points. So federally it's -not illegal- to abort at any stage, but the provinces still get to choose which services are offered: in one province you might get abortion access up to 15 weeks, in another 20, and in another maybe less.

That all being said, abortion is still legal across the country which is a big step up from Gilead, and most places it does ring in free of charge; But what happens when our pathetic conservative party opposition and supporters get their hands on good old G̷i̷l̷e̷a̷d US-of-A rolling back people's rights by 50 years? Well they're going to start making some noise, and that's really unfortunate.

I don't want people who vote left to get complacent. It's easy to realize "Well, we're in the right, they're in the wrong, and the way the country is will not change, so we don't have to do anything more". But it's not true. Nothing is written in stone, it's written in shoe polish, it's written on disintegrating paper, and they will wipe it away without a second thought.

Never stop fighting, because they will seize the opportunity to speak for us and over us.

Happy Gay everyone! :better_pride:

Photo ID: A twitter screenshot from user "Kait @sadkxit" that says "Gaypril may be over but now we're to the most powerful month: gay". A person with long light-brown hair is in the profile photo.

Happy Beltane🌺 to those who celebrate!

Please continue to fight cishetero-narratives as 'the norm' by ensuring your Beltane celebrations are identity-inclusive (gender, sexual orientation, etc); in particular, be cautious of trans-exclusionary practices and alienation of ace/aro-spectrum orientations.

Six more months 'til Samhain! 🎃

The idea of "favoriting" something is an issue for me on Mastodon. I don't "favorite" something unless I'm bookmarking it... favorites = bookmarks, "likes" = likes, hearts, thumbs up, etc.

Favoriting is a bit... weird unless it is something I intend to reference later again and again.

There are plenty of Christians I like; however, there are enough of them that need to see this message that it is worth reposting.

vs. head-down

(This is no slight against the many Christians out there who are accepting, loving individuals not intent on forcing random beliefs on others; yes, they do exist, though much harder to find as time goes on it seems...)

Trans people shouldn't *have* to be brave.

Trans people shouldn't *have* to be radical.

Making your entire existence a protest is *exhausting* for many, and not tenable for many more.

It should just okay to be trans.

But society is hostile to us, so I have no choice but to be radical about my own identity.

I would rather expend my energy on other problems, like helping others, rather than expending it on something that shouldn't be up for negotiation.

So here I am on Mastodon, lost and confused. But anything's better than Twitter.

I immediately noticed I was able to set up 'approval' on who can follow me, which is something new. The ability to control who follows you in a public environment is not a control we have in places like Twitter or even Facebook -- in fact, as I make public posts on Facebook, I am subjected to unwanted followers from time to time that I can't seem to get rid of unless I block them (which is inefficient).

That lack of control is frustrating, so seeing the option to accept requests from potential followers is refreshing.

Sketchin' me a jackal <3

Finally managed to get my tablet connected to my computer as a third monitor, allowing me to sketch directly to the PC.

I know, I know, "why bother with the PC at all" -- well I'm just much more of a PC person than a tablet or phone person, so being able to use and draw on my tablet while still having it a part of my PC setup (plus accessing photoshop directly which I'm really good with), really a game-changer for me.

Note that I am really not much of a visual artist. I'm a photographer, digital editor, but a 'drawer' ... eh, not so much. I still like to do it though!

(I had to edit this post and was frustrated I couldn't edit it but only "delete and re-draft" which admittedly is better than nothing)

I was disappointed to learn just now that my posts are not actually going anywhere as they are defaulted to the "only people who follow you" option, which at this point, is zip-all.

A little disappointed I can't seem to edit the audience listing after the fact as well. That's OK, I'll repost. Good thing I never say anything super interesting :)


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