CW: Being Fat, and Being Dead (you know you're interested :P) 

Important conversations for people (like me) and family members or loved ones of fat individuals.

Video: Dying Fat, done by Ask a Mortician (Caitlin Doughty)

Remove the stigma of a) being fat and b) , and talk about stuff.

What kind of stuff do we as fat people need to talk about? The tough stuff, like , , , , , , etc.

Even cremation may require you to source out a specific location depending on needs, so don't @ me with "I'm gonna be a tree!" because to be a tree, they're going to have to properly break you down into itty bitty bits first.

It's OK to be fat, but just remember the world (in life and death) is still not really built for us as well as it should be.

I hate when I have to preface my shit on a social medium with "Not always, but often, but of course not every time, but definitely a lot of the time, but not ALWAYS..." because there is that 'one' person waiting for you to say something they can trash on 😒 It's exhausting.

This has been Discord Life(tm) for me, blah

It bothers me when people use the facade of antiquity to elevate themselves from those who would be more classified as '' in terms of .

That's not to say there aren't issues within Paganism where newer practices are creating false narratives and falsifying links to ancient paths... because, that's definitely a thing. But that doesn't also mean authentically- is somehow inherently superior to newer paths, either.

I'm confused: was there a cut-off point in human history where everyone got together, and the Gods decreed: "Yep, that's it! You've discovered every God and every path and every practice there is. There will never be anything new from this point on, so settle in and pick something." That's a rhetorical question, but if you need the answer, it's "No."

If people want to have new paths and practices, let them. It's not our job to discredit newer practices based on nothing but a lack of history (as history can start any day, any time, for the first time ever). It's also not illegal for people to have new revelations about old content, either.

Personally, I loathe the term UPG (Unverified Personal Gnosis), I think it's tacky and crass. Again, who all got together and decided no new revelations were 'permitted' to happen? Aside from historical written records (which has nothing to do with what is 'cosmically true'), who rubber-stamped all of the "verified" stuff as being 'true' for everyone, for all times.

and are not one in the same.

Ultimately, it's not a good look to cast your gaze downward on practices that differ from your own, but particularly when people are doing so under the guise of "My practice is more ancient than yours" do I find myself particularly ruffled.

But as with all things in life, it comes with a warning: Be truthful about what you believe and where it came from. The truth will always be worth far more than the opposite.

Moral of today's story:

ATTENTION EVERYONE WRINGING THEIR HANDS OVER “#MASTODON ADMINS CAN READ MY DIRECT MESSAGES”: #SysAdmins have *always* been able to read your #email and DMs unless encrypted, including at the big #SocialNetworks and Internet providers. We used to have t-shirts that said, “I READ YOUR EMAIL.”

It’s just hitting now because you got used to places where the admins were kept away in their cubicles and data centers instead of greeting you at the front door.

#privacy #security #InfoSec #cybersecurity

I'm always happy to have with people, but isn't a discussion. It's a logical fallacy, if not a form of willful .

You can't have a productive engagement with someone who perpetually wants to throw smokescreens.

Turns out adulthood really isn’t much more than saying “yeah this month is really busy but things should die down in a few weeks” every single month

The only thing I want to see from the is this. The armband is to promote inclusion and display solidarity with people of different and sexual .

stated anyone wearing the would get carded, to which I would respond .

Some people believe should stay out of spheres, and you have the right to hold that ; I, however, believe anything that involves humans gathering is by default a socio-political sphere and is subject to forms of protest where relevant and necessary.

So unless the armbands are spitting fire at people (which admittedly would also be cool): suck it up.

Sorry, Mastodon. Sometimes I just need to start trouble and yell at people with stupid opinions it's an affliction.

And here's Gowron again to interrupt your scrolling, this place needs more #Klingon in it. #StarTrek #Trekkies #Scifi #StarTrekTNG #TNG

Watching two people who speak completely different , and each is speaking in their own language but understanding each other thanks to in-line translation tools like has, is one of the best parts of the honestly.

I'm still hoping is going to invest in something like this, because honestly we really need it. Discord is a huge medium right now and while there are some bots that can do it, they tend to create dodgy and cluttered interfaces, difficult or annoying-to-use commands, and frequently the best ones tend not to be free.

I've now tested I think 4 different ones and haven't found one I like, so an improved and sleek, well-integrated UI via Discord would be ideal, just a small button like Facebook where you click "" and it just happens in a minimal way that matches the platform.

If they would roll it into even, that would be something at least. Heck what else am I paying for every month other than access to use out-of-server emojis and maintaining extra emoji slots on our server (I ask myself this every time the Nitro bill comes every month, admittedly).

Would love to see it on as well, but to be fair, I understand how challenging it can be due to cost. The API calls required to make translations probably cost money for reputable services, which is why many Discord bots have subscription services. I work for a GPS tracking company, and I know the cost of API calls first hand (one reason we switched from calling Google Maps, where the price went up something like 1000% at one point, to OpenStreetMaps). So yeah, I get it.

However, we do have more options available for services. I haven't scrutinized it, but looks worthwhile?

And while yes, the translation isn't perfect, it's usually enough to get people talking and -- really that's half the battle in this world to begin with.

Used and managed to find another 17 people from . Great tool, worked flawlessly.

I'm not big on , never have been, in fact I've been a staunch critic of it. But here we are. It's rare I have a I'm willing to talk about.

I had quite the bizarre dream last night. I'm positive my visited me. I've never experienced something like that before... not ever. She's literally my one and only ( for ) I trust enough to . I know that's probably horrible and I should broaden my horizons... but it just is what it is. I have .

Anyway, she seemed to be specifically asking me to work on , and I haven't figured that out yet, but the dream at the time was really clear even if right now 12 hours later it makes absolutely no bloody sense. I wrote everything down in my journal after waking up, I'm reading it back thinking "Was I high?" but no, I was just dreaming, and sleepy.

In my dream it was very interesting, I was delving through old family history, photos, jewelry boxes, grimoire-style books, and boxes containing both Tarot cards (extremely old ones) and Fedw-style sticks (I'm trained in within my religion of ) but in my dream the system had an extra elements and there were additional numbers involved; I'm still trying to process that)... none of this exists in real life but I got an incredibly sharp sensation that there was history here I was unaware of.

My grandmother died when I was 11 but she was my champion in all things, my protector from my abusive mother, my best friend.

At any rate, I'm not going to ignore something like this, so today I purchased a deck of Tarot cards I've had my eye on (Kemetic, obviously!), something other than the Oracle cards I usually heavily rely on.

Been a long long time since I did Tarot, but clearly there are reasons for me to get back into it.

I have strong opinions about things that matter.

"Last Christmas... I gave you my heart. But the very next day, you gave it a weigh..."

CW: diet culture, food shaming talk, autism 

My sensory needs often required extremely low-quality crap most people make fun of ("that's not food for adults" kind of thing) or criticized for being unhealthy, and that's why I really hate food-shaming, because this is what I can eat, so please stop talking if you have nothing nice to say.

It is never OK to shame food or what someone eats, no matter what your reasoning might be. I would also encourage those entrenched in to stop shaming themselves as well, because people around you who are sensitive are listening.

"If you can't say anything nice" still has a lot of value.

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Twitter conversation from Callum Stephen (He/Him) @AutisticCallum_: If an autistic person asks you to buy a particular brand of food, clothing, or product, please listen. The brand is often important to us, not because we are shallow, but because each brand has their own idiosyncrasies, resulting in some meeting our specific needs and others not.

As a side note: price and prestige do not always factor into how sensory friendly something is for an autistic person. Sometimes, better quality, a higher price, and/or a respected name do not translate into a better user experience for us. I frequently live very cheap things.

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