How would you use your router's wifi "field" for the purposes of a ward of protection?

Thinking aloud a bit.

The House just passed an atrocious $858 BILLION in annual defense spending.

That's $45B more than Biden even asked for.

Health care?
"We can't afford it."

Child tax credit?
"Too expensive."

Defense spending?
"Here I just found an extra $45 billion dollars laying around."

“You're comprised of 84 minerals, 23 Elements & 8galls of water spread over 38 trillion cells.

You're built from nothing by the spare parts of the Earth you've consumed according to a set of instructions hidden in a double helix, small enough to be carried by a sperm.

You're recycled butterflies, plants, rocks, streams, firewood, wolf fur & shark teeth, broken down to their smallest parts & rebuilt into our planets most complex living thing.

You're not living on Earth, you are Earth.”

- Aubrey Marcus

If someone calls claiming to be from your financial institution - even if they sound very much like what you'd expect from a bank and say that it's an urgent matter - ask them for a case reference number and tell them you'll call them back at the 1-800 number on the bank's website.

The fraudsters are really out in force at the moment.

#fraud #financialcrimes #bankfraud #personalsecurity #finance #selfprotection

“If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled or composted, then it should be restricted, redesigned or removed from production.”

― Pete Seeger

An addendum to my Fuck the Past post: Fuck. The. "Lore". Yeah, you heard me. The Edda's and Sagas and any ye olde text that old guard heathens treat as holy writ are all secondary sources, a number of them written hundreds of years past conversion. These aren't texts dedicated to actual religious praxis, nor are they monolithic. They might give a few clues but that's about it. A. Few. Clues. Their use is transitory at best, our focus is on living praxis not a dead book cult

#Deep thoughts on #art today. For most of human existence perfect wasn't anything close to possible. Mistakes are teachers. Perfection is the antithesis of #learning. Imperfections create style. Why #draw when you can take a #photo? The imperfections create #beauty and bring out the soul of the #artist. And even photos are altered to create imperfections that are beautiful. Layers and framing and light and exposure time.

#Imperfections make us #human and make our art what it is. Embrace them.

Ok, new introduction now that I finally have a account.

I'm a phonetician, a fieldworker who works on Otomanguean languages, and a kind of general linguist in some ways too. My research examines tone, prosody, speech reduction, speech articulation, and corpus phonetics.

I like cooking, hiking, poetry, piano, drinking wine while dishing, fantasy fiction/film, and cats.

And here's Carmen, because cats.

#introduction #phonetics #fieldwork #CatsOfMastodon

White folks and apologists are now deliciously showing up in #raspberrypi threads talking about "cancel culture". Hilarious that they're essentially inverting the meaning of the term in a bog standard white colonialist appropriative style.

Inevitable also that any criticism of their usage of the term is challenged with further appropriative/colonialist examples and attitudes.

Good job white people.

We're preparing to launch back into doing public events next year and have a couple of dates for you to mark on your calendars. On January 29th, we'll be doing an online Imbolc Temple day with presentations and a devotional: more info, including presenters and registration details, TBA on our socials and by newsletter.

Then in August we will be returning in person to the shady redwood sanctuary in the Mendocino Hills for a Hosting at the Morrígan's Hearth August 18th-20th. This year we are locked in for those dates and will share our plan regarding COVID safety when the dates get closer.

"In Iceland there’s a wonderful tradition called Jolabokaflod. This roughly translates to “Christmas book flood” and refers to the practice of exchanging books for Christmas, to be read on Christmas Eve — preferably with a mug of hot chocolate. This tradition has made books the most popular gift given for Christmas in the country. And I might just be a tad jealous of this practice!" #Bookstodon

If you enjoy my work - any of it - I have a #BuyMeACoffee! (Which is a lot like #Patreon, but they treat their users better.)

Right now I'm going through the December 30-day #worldbuilding #prompts for my #comic #Aquapunk, and will have a ton of #art breakdowns and self-critique posted soon! #webcomics #comics #artist #artistsonmastodon #comicart #illustration #drawing

I'm a Zillennial, so I grew up alongside a lot of the new tech that we see today. In a way, the internet actually helped me become more aware than I would have likely been without it; I grew up as a biracial kid in a predominantly white, affluent town with most folks leaning right-of-center, so I wasn't exposed to diverse viewpoints and experiences outside of the internet until I left for college. But online, I was able to talk to people all over the world and from all kinds of backgrounds and life experiences. So I think the internet could actually work in their favor, depending on how you guide them to use it. It opened my mind to talk to people my own age, either online or irl, who came from completely different backgrounds. Otherwise, it would have been easy to believe that how I experience the world is how everyone else experiences it.

My relatives also modeled compassionate, inclusive, and community-oriented behaviors that rubbed off on me. They didn't just teach me the value of respecting and caring for others, they showed me directly and got me involved. For example, one of my grandfathers planted a community garden, and he'd have me help out every summer when I'd visit. I'd help plant, harvest, and deliver veggies to folks who couldn't pick them themselves. He never charged anyone a dime for it. Seeing the adults in my life helping others or directly standing up to injustice taught me the importance of doing the right thing instead of the easy thing.

Breaking News: Transphobia, Twitter 

Apparently Musk has given anti-trans propagandists access to the inner workings of Twitter, which may include personal user data. If you or anyone you know is still on Twitter, please, share the news with them.

Christian supremacy, cursing, as self-defense, politics, spiritwork 

Every time I have a coworker who says some off the wall transphobic, homophobic, anti-Pagan type stuff I say a prayer for their relatives and friends: that those in their lives love them for who they are and that they're spared this person's bigotry. If I can push otherwise I do.

Whether it's a homophobe, transphobe, anti-Pagan, anti-polytheist, etc, I think it is generally moral and a form of self-defense to curse these folks so their relationships wither until they change not only their views, but their actions.

Use every fucking tool in the chest.

For anyone feeling squeamish on this?
Most of these fucks want you dead or near enough to it. They want you, your friends, your loved ones, your families, and anyone that supports you to be dead, or effectively so. You don't do ongoing harm to someone you don't want to suffer.

So whether you curse them, bless those they know, shield, engage in the use of taufr or other magic to protect yourself?

The gloves are completely fucking off. Failing to recognize and especially to acknowledge the danger all of us are in from the right does no one any favors.

They are praying and working on a variety of ways to do intergenerational harm to us, in mind, body, and souls, and all those who come after us. Treat their works and them as the existential direct threat to our existence that it is.

big reminder that one of the reasons we don't have universal healthcare is because when its provided by our employer they can use our literal lives against us if we try to fight back against unfair labor practices.

@Iamshwee I say take over land in east Indiana/west Ohio and build up via communal resource management, remote work, and flash engineering for local folks here in the rust belt

You can go “goblin mode,” but I’m going to go “hobbit mode”: walking around barefoot in a comfortable home, eating more than three meals a day, splitting my time between tending my garden and writing, and occasionally getting pulled into an adventure by an old wizard.

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