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a long writing project vent (with mentions of religious trauma and cultural appropriation) 

I'm at a point in this project where I am debating if I should write this first or write something else.

The project I started is essentially a beginner's guide to demonolatry. I am trying to write the book I would feel confident handing over to someone when they ask me how to get started. I want to show the side of demonolatry that isn't just edgy Christianity, which is actually quite divorced from Christianity, and recognizes where those influences still seep in common culture and where deconstruction is needed, a book that recognizes the looming shadow of Western Esotericism on all Westernized practice and the colonial footprint it leaves behind-- and how to deconstruct that, and be respectful. I want a book that doesn't further demonize other non-Christian religions by inadvertently playing into Evangelical worldviews of everything not God being a demon.

But it's exhausting. As much as I feel like the community needs cohesive beginner options that are modern and actively trying to pull up the roots of Cultural Appropriation and Evangelical Cultural Conditioning, at the same time... I want to write a grimoire book. I want to write my own Goetic grimoire, full of my experience and ways of working with the demonic.

So right now I am asking myself, do I write the book that I feel like the community needs, or do I take a break, and write the fun thing which doesn't actually help the bigger problem-- and try not to shame myself for choosing to write the grimoire first.

A preview of the cord we made dedicated to Rosier. Both this one and the King Paimon cord are going to be part of our weekend shop update.


#demonolatry #prayercord #occult

After a break from designing and crafting prayer cords, we are finally back in the workshop to restock our mainline cords as well as introduce some new, one of a kind cords, such as this one dedicated to King Paimon.

This one and more will be up on our shop soon: https://www.etsy.com/shop/OrdoSonitusLux

#demonolatry #prayercord #occult

As a note, part of the requirements for applying for the server was including a link to my shop. I figured since I had been accepted rather than denied entry that they knew full well the sort of things I sold on my shop, though I still worried that since it wasn't an occult focused space, members might complain to admin, etc.

While all other platforms I am on are wide open, anyone and everyone can interact, my content has stayed within the occult sphere, and I've never gotten harassment or suppression for my work. I just don't have the reach or a large enough platform to be an interesting target. With joining this other server, I automatically put my content in front of people not in my normal sphere, and it's made me take a step back and think about all of those things I usually just throw wards at and then don't think about ever again.

Any recommendations would be absolutely fantastic here. I'm still VERY new to the way Mastodon works and am trying to learn how to navigate, but it's also rapidly expanding, so I may have missed things.

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So, I made a profile for my shop on the handmade.social server as a way to have a separate place for my shop and to be able to cross post and whatnot... only to discover that from here, I can follow the account but can't actually see any of the posts. Which means that no one from pagan.plus can see my posts even if following, and likely any other server which actually has my target demographic for my crafts.

Does anyone know of any instances which are occult shop friendly and actually in a nice friendly situation with other occult servers so the right people see this? At first I thought that damn, I've been booted in less than 24 hours because I posted a prayer cord with a demon sigil on it, and then wondered if it was just suppressed by the admin, but it appears neither of those are the case. It's just not affiliated with any occult spaces.

It seems like in the meanwhile I might at least be able to share links, though I can't even boost my own post from here. x_x


Do you listen to music while reading occult and magic books? What are your go-to choices?

I tend to do instrumental music while reading so words in songs don't break my train of concentration. Currently on heavy rotation here:
--The Halley Quartet by Paul Halley
--Forgotten Odes by Eternal Eclipse
--Styx by Phonothek
--Death Stranding OST by Ludvig Forssell
--Cyberpunk 2077 OST by Marcin Przybylowicz, PT Adamczyk & Paul Leonard-Morgan

I’ve decided that since this is a book geared at beginners, I need to include a section on research and evaluating sources. Partway through the rough draft of the section on vetting sources, I went on a multi-page tangent about how fascist and WS groups hide in plain sight, recruit and indoctrinate new people, and just how pervasive of an issue it is in spaces. I think I might actually need to make a full chapter about this, and about how many sources may seem okay at first but have a major WS undertone due to affiliations that are less obvious than JoS and O9A.

This is definitely something that needs to be discussed in spaces. We deserve better.

Wheeeew I am already regretting opening this book. Like I get that you refer to daemons as gods, and it is meant that way, but our traditional daemons are quite different than the gods of other religions. We talked about this with the previous reference to Ma Kali as daemon.

And here we are, in 2022, with Έκατη (spelled Hecate in this book, which… must breathe) being referred to as a Demon Queen.

That I can grit my teeth through and carry on. I understand their stipulated definition, though I have major disagreements.

And then I hit this line:

“Allow yourself to feel the love and light of the goddess emanating from your heart chakra.”

This is a Demonolatry book?! What the actual fu is this.

This is a glaring reminder that once again, new authors are needed in .

Vefa mena Murmur ayer.

Murmur stands at the veil, keeping all the ghastly work behind it hidden, knowing his toil may never be seen, that no one will ever know the depths of the placid waters he guards. Yet, the fact the waters appear placid at all, that others may see a pristine surface, the calm reflection, is proof of the strength of his work, of his devotion, and that is enough.

Death is messy. It is not always expected, and even when it is, it can be jarring. Those who have made peace with death, were ready to cross, do not always get their last wish. And many never were ready, could never be. And so they are restless. And so they linger on.

Much of Murmur's work is seeing to the dead, making sure they go beyond. Murmur helps us bridge that gap, helps open the way. At times he can be gentle, sitting with the dead as they come to terms until they are ready to take those final steps on their own. When necessary, Murmur applies force, taking the willing spirit beyond so they can no longer disrupt the living.

Our personal recipe for a ritual oil dedicated to Murmur, featuring red sandalwood, mullein, mugwort, wormwood, clary sage, and cardamom, in a base of sweet almond oil. Each bottle is 0.5oz (15mL), in a dark amber glass bottle with a glass dropper.

This batch was made during Murmur's Holy Week, and worked daily during that time, finishing in a ritual on the Autumn Equinox in his honor. It has been hot infused, before being filtered, strained, and bottled.


One of the most difficult parts of my current project is figuring out what, exactly should be included in an introductory text. I am having to think about what skills are foundational to beginning the sort of work I am writing about, and how much I should assume people already know from other sources-- or if I should assume that at all, because similar assumptions in the past have left myself and others with massive holes in our foundations which take a lot more to correct ten years down the line than if they were just taught in the first place.

I want this to be like I am sitting right there, talking to you. I want to simulate the perks of in person instruction and really dive into more detail on experiences, which is something which happens person to person but is missing from so many books. Like yes, you slapped a random spell recipe in this chapter, but why? What kind of development does this encourage? How can this be further integrated into growth and development? Assuming a beginner who is coming to you to help develop their understanding of their craft will get how it applies and why they are doing the spell is a massive disservice and a missed opportunity, and I am sick of it. Just because I get it, that doesn't mean I should just expect everyone else to get it and understand why I chose to put that there. I am the instructor as the author, of course I get it, but the readers have also consented to being my student when reading the book. Don't model how you teach after your own shitty experience in the American Public School System. We deserve better than that.

So now I am here, wondering what the line is for too much foundations, too long waiting to get to the demons, too much introspection and discussion, where people will tune out or just not read the damn thing at all. We need a better Welcome to Demonolatry book desperately but AHHHHHHHHH.

I have reached the 10k word mark on my current project. I know it is going to need a lot of editing, but it’s good to finally see a rough draft taking form.


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