I realized a core principle of positive thinking.

How it renders itself to something always in a speakable form. How it needs the details as touch to get a form. And how we need to practice this a lot to get better at. And so it's takes less and less resource to our mind to do so.

Of course the thing changes in the case of we focus on the unspoken and unseen and unheard ways of positive

@Tifo I quite love the idea of pronoia, as referenced here: TL;dr = Rob Brezsny writes about cultivating the mindset of the opposite of paranoia, which is "that sneaking suspicion that everyone (everything) is out to help you." Not a realistic worldview in terms of security, mind you, but a good thing in my opinion to cultivate in your own inner garden.

@artosbear sounds so simple yet nobody i knew tought about this.

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