Happy Dragon Age Day!! The screaming over the Dreadwolf cinematic that BioWare just dropped continues!!! Aaaahhhh!!! I CANNOT wait to play this game omg 😭 🙌🏿 ❤️ I'm looking forward to seeing some of our favorite characters return, meeting new characters and most of all, beating the yolk out of that egg 👊🏿 Here's my Rogue Hawke cosplay, 📸 by David Ngo
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I'm pulling the 7 of Wands A LOT lately. Definitely going to have to start to address that defensiveness issue, I reckon.

Ways to improve as a writer

Revise, after a cooling off period.
Set yourself technical & creative challenges.
Approach writing as play.
Experiment with process & technique.
Read / watch, inside & outside your specialty.
Exchange notes with other writers.
Analyze writing, good & bad.
Feed your mind and heart with art & experience outside your field.
Observe the world around you & engage with it.
Live the richest, deepest, wildest life you can.

#Writing #WritingTips #Screenwriting

And today's bit of art, probably the last one for weekend as I have to get ready to close my SSD and replace it.

I'm quite pleased with how it came out.

#MastoArt #Cyberpunk #Shadowrun #TTRPG

This is a fantastic interview.

"This is why merger scrutiny is such a big deal, because these companies are not built by super geniuses who use their access to the capital markets to build these impregnable businesses which no one else can assail. They are regular, venal mediocrities who use their access to the capital markets to buy everyone who might threaten them. If there’s merger scrutiny, that just stops happening."

'Venal mediocrities' is going into my autocomplete file.

Have to agree with Garak here, all exploted workers should #strike, if the withdrawal of their labour disrupts the "economy" then clearly their contribution is important and their demands should be heard.

It's said that if you visit another pagans/ polytheists house and you ask for giving a small greeting to the house wight, giving said greeting will bring luck for a week.

I have this blue and green ceramic bowl that a friend of mine made for me in high school, and it's had a place on my altar ever since. It was just such a lovely gift and I'll treasure it always, even though I don't know where that friend is now and haven't seen her in many, many years.

Allison, wherever you ended up, thank you for your friendship and the reminder of it. 🧡🧡🧡

If you're mad about what a billionaire is doing to destroy Twitter, wait until you hear what billionaires are doing to destroy the planet.

Hi, all! Good to be here.

The Elements of Mutual Aid is an independently-produced #documentary series.

Through four, hour-long chapters - fire, earth, water, and air - we'll explore the origins and misconceptions, infrastructures, healing ways, pitfalls and logistics of revolutionary mutual aid against the nation-state.

We hope that this project will offer critical insights into not only what kind of projects are happening today, but how they work on the ground.

This is 100% grassroots. All of our equipment has been paid for out of pocket, we're traveling on our own schedule, and we'll distribute the film independently when it's complete. We've been supported by our comrades and relations to raise money to pay our participants for their interviews - which is highly uncommon in documentary film production.

It's important to us to weave our politics into the way we make this film. We’re not “neutral” or “objective” observers. We’re active participants in revolutionary direct action. Like Gordon Parks once said, the camera is our choice of weapon - at least in this iteration of the struggle.

Enjoy this sample clip from our very first interview with our friend, Muqu!

Stay tuned for updates here, on our website, and on Instagram!


Payton & Leah

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#transormativejustice #collective #revolution #art #storytelling #community
#decolonization #queer #LGBTQIA2S+ #LGBTQIA #LGBTQ #antifascism #antifascist #organizing #activism #socialjustice

I bet octopuses think bones are horrific. I bet all their cosmic horror stories involve rigid-limbs and hinged joints.

Health (-) 

To be fair, this is the first time I've been sick in about 3 years now, so I can't complain.

... but I still will.

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Health (-) 

Oh no, now I have a cold. The husband will have to keep me extra warm now. And bring me lots of soup.

As a means to say thank you to everyone on Mastodon, you have made my first week here amazingly kind, educational, informative and tolerant.

I give you the Crochet form of your mascot.

(Considering this is my only social account... the other mascots have never received one! They did not earn it!)

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