Hello! Oddball Xennial here.
and in the US. I have been a solitary practitioner for 20+yrs. Lover and collector of history. I am a companion to 3 feline friends and a stellar partner. My social interests include and I love Mexican food, used book stores, collecting art, and road-trips. 31 months into an unfortunate journey of being a

Other personal interests:

Those who destroy the lie, promote Ma'at.
Those who promote the good, will erase evil.
As fullness casts out appetite
as clothes cover the nude
as heaven clears up after a storm.

(The Moaning of the Bedouin, Middle Kingdom, reference: J.Assmann | 1990 | Ma’at. Gerechtigkeit und Unsterblichkeit im Alten Ägypten)


terms / references:

* Ma'at -- truth, balance, justice, order
* Evil -- describes "isfet", the antithesis of Ma'at: chaos, injustice, disorder, untruth

Solo to the moor, to the Witches Pool which was very gushy today. Swam towards the falls and got pushed around. Not another soul around

@Nesi oh! I have come across this a few times in my practice. I don't ever want people to feel downsized by the term pagan. I respect orthodox systems of worship even if my eclectic, dynamic self is far from it. I am going to resolve to try and be more inclusive.

Can you share the personal benefits you've found in your orthodox practice, or is that too personal?

Forgot to praise the sun this morning, now i gotta praise the moon twice

Last week I think it was, I described my relationship with Paganism that even for me clarified my thoughts on it in a way I wasn't expecting:

Paganism for me is a bit like being Transgender: it's an umbrella, I technically fall under it as a non-binary person, but I do not use it to self-identify in most situations.

One way I do use it to self-identify is to introduce my spiritual self to others whom I have no intentions on getting to know beyond a superficial level. "Weelllll just consider me Pagan" has been my default for many years, it works in a pinch, usually prevents people's eyes from glazing over the same way stating "I'm Kemetic!" would.

But truthfully, fitting into Pagan communities is very difficult when you are on the outskirts. First, we (Kemetic Orthodox) don't consider ourselves Pagan. Second, modern-day Pagan communities can be frustratingly narrow in what they accept or do not accept, in some cases to the same degree traditional organized religions (including the modern-day assumption and/or insistence that Paganism be synonymous with Wicca).

Finally you have the fact that Paganism, by definition, existed as a type of antithesis to organized one-true-way systems like Christianity, though the primary definitions of the word come from Latin pāgānus which actually meant "rustic" or "civilian". Still, it picked up its additional meaning as one who worships -false- Gods, and therein lies a problem.

I'm all about reclaiming vocabulary, for what it's worth. Pagan can be, and is, a positive thing, along with many other words the world is learning to reclaim.

But it does make things difficult when trying to decide if this is an umbrella that suits you, or not. For me, I admit it's one of convenience, and functions as the closest mass-social space I can be a part of.

No one wants to be lonely in their walk of life, and when you are in a minority practice, it's natural to seek out like-minded individuals, even if the paths don't match up exactly.

I have nothing to toot
and I am tooting it
and that is poetry
as I need it.

(Apologies to) John Cage

Good morning pagan.plussers I woke up this morning to a light veil of fog all over the forest behind my apartment building and it was quite lovely. Part of being a city pagan is just finding moments like these to connect with nature as it is around you. In the Autumn the place is a nest of leaves, in the Spring there is honeysuckle still and when the wind blows through it, it takes me right back to childhood. I don't know if there's an afterlife (I hope so) and I'm not sure I'm reincarnated (though I do believe in the cosmic soup kitchen theory) but for this time in this moment things are good.

@Tifo I quite love the idea of pronoia, as referenced here: freewillastrology.com/beauty/p TL;dr = Rob Brezsny writes about cultivating the mindset of the opposite of paranoia, which is "that sneaking suspicion that everyone (everything) is out to help you." Not a realistic worldview in terms of security, mind you, but a good thing in my opinion to cultivate in your own inner garden.


I realized a core principle of positive thinking.

How it renders itself to something always in a speakable form. How it needs the details as touch to get a form. And how we need to practice this a lot to get better at. And so it's takes less and less resource to our mind to do so.

Of course the thing changes in the case of we focus on the unspoken and unseen and unheard ways of positive

@fogelnet I am thinking it's a joke... not the best joke perhaps but still...

I liked #mastodon a lot better two days ago. It is starting to get a little weird. I hope the spirit of mastodon, as it was intended, holds and it doesn’t turn into #Twitter 2.0. I fear it will.

What’s up with all the meaningless blue checks. Why?

#TwitterMigration #Fediverse #WhyBlueChecks #mstdn

Welsh pronunciation, sound clip attached 

@griffinkate @Marguerite @GwenfarsGarden This is beautiful "rain for growing" - excellent

Welsh pronunciation, sound clip attached 

By popular request, here is a recording of how to say the following Welsh words and phrases.

glaw: rain

Mae hi'n bwrw glaw: It's raining

Glaw tyfiant: growing rain (explanation in the clip)

I hope the upload works!



Today is the World Day of Romani Language. UNESCO proclaimed it as such in 2015 to promote the preservation of Romani language and culture, to improve the well-being of Romani people; and to recognise the importance of all languages whose diversity is a source of strength for all societies to share

@caffeneko The reminds me of Becky Chamber's book "A Psalm for the Wild-Built" - it is arguably science fiction but the way they have the economy set up in that story is very much like what you've got here. Nifty!

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