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Underdiscussed reason why car centric urban design sucks: I get a lil nauseous in cars sometimes it's very mean to me in particular 😿

In some way the #Fediverse feels like the true #Metaverse of a #Cyberpunk #Dystopia. Or #Utopia?

A #consciousness stream of #hypermedia connected across #relay nodes - available for #all to see.

Are we #screaming into the #darkness? Is there #anybody out there?

#Wetware for hire, #Meatsacks for sale. Be #Whoever #you want to be - #anything to #escape from #Twitter #Hell

Twitter folks complaining that Mastodon isn't a replacement for Twitter just like people with meat-heavy diets complain that vegan food isn't a replacement for meat. 😂 Like, yeah dude, this one thing isn't going to taste like that other thing, but it's still going to taste good in its own way. Either sit down and enjoy the different flavor or order a burger.

Is it possible to be a white cis man in pagan spaces and not worry about things like:
* talking over women in the space / acting the know-it-all
* not being mindful of cultural appropriation
* having privilege rear its head and remind you what you had in life was not what others did
* making room for others / holding space for BIPOC folks.
* gritting my teeth about the concept of binary gender instead of the spectrum I know it to be (and my fellow pagans who are gender absolutists / TERFs)

I do keep these in my head a lot, and it just means that I run my communications through an aware filter, constantly seeking first to understand and then to be understood. It's a work in process. I'm a work in process. But, I think this is what you must do to be a man in pagan spaces these days.

Paganish Book Report: "Ways of Being" by James Bridle. As a Technopagan, I am very much interested in the concept of animals, plants, humans, and computers living together in harmony. In this book, Bridle speaks a lot about how intelligence is a thing you *do* not something you *have*. And talks a lot about how we are very humanocentric to the idea of whether other beings can be intelligent at all. And yet, time and time again other species prove their reasoning and intelligence is particularly strong. It's just our bias that doesn't allow us to see this. Heartily recommend you reading this book if you like topics that blend biomes & binary.

It's nice that I see so many trans girls here, but where are my fellow enbies??? I desperately need to follow you #lgbt #enby #nonbinary

To add to the above:

Since there is no #algorithm it is really important that you #boost interesting posts by others.

A star (liking) does nothing to help increase a post's visibility beyond the original author's followers.

I know it is strange coming from 🐦, but it really is the only way to increase a post's audience.

So #BoostAllTheThings (if you like them) and you will notice others will do the same to your content. Here we're all in it together!

#BeTheAlgorithm #BoostsWelcome #FediTips

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Little known fun fact about time dilation:

The week before your week off of work slows by 30%

The More You Know! 🌈

About me: I'm 55 years old, been at home in pagan thought since 1985. I have attended rituals at Circle Farm, was part of a CUUPS group and a Dianic Wiccan coven for a short time. Now I'm a solitary practitioner. A skepti-pagan, I do step back and forth across the line of rational versus spiritual thinking. I believe that the mind is a powerful creation and that intelligence is not just Human, but also more than human. -taught

I wanted to talk today about Intention. Silent intention is a great way to do everyday practical magic in my mind. I have, over the course of many years, made intentional statements be a part of everyday life. For example, in my passwords. A long time ago I really needed a new-to-me car, and I was riding the bus every day. In Atlanta where I live, the metro transit is not very good and not very reliable. So I created a password "Autom0b1le" which was a powerful intention that I had to type every day many times a day. I was so thankful when a car came into my life after all that, and of course, a place that would facilitate a loan to me.


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