While can enrich any creative process, it can also reinforce unhealthy . Let’s -create with the people we’re designing for!
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Check out the slides from our latest workshop for free tools & ‘dank’ memes 😅

The most meaningful innovations address people’s deepest needs. for startups can help us discover those needs.
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I'm looking forward to my next with SiR Intergov in Den Haag. See y'all Thursday 🥳

can help us at every phase of the design process.🙌🏼 d3e.co/vc

Here's a practical guide to applying techniques to the each phase of a Double Diamond process.

What do you think? 😃

Most fail for lack of product-market fit. helps us achieve that fit by surfacing people’s real .
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Join me at Forty Hub on 3 November for a free afternoon with drinks in Utrecht on how can help you serve your customers better!

Yay! Just added the video/transcript for my talk at @Dublin_UX last year.
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Great addresses our deepest human needs. And for helps us discover those needs.

Go raibh maith agaibh, @PatrickMooney 🙌🏼

I’m incredibly grateful to have been a guest on @dastillman’s excellent !
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Thank you Chantel, Erin, Jim, & Daniel for the meaningful questions & creating space to geek out on & in general 🙌🏼💚

Hi! Join me at @Dublin_UX, where we'll be having a talk & discussion on 😃

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We'll demystify as a skill, cover key concepts, & discuss practical techniques that anyone can use.

I'm looking forward to it!

Creative Empathy can help & achieve:
🤗 Product-Market Fit
💪 Healthy Behavior Change
💚 Sustainable Loyalty
🌍 Meaningful Innovation


It's all about in the end!

Only 5% of Earth’s land is untouched by humans - everything around us has been designed by someone.

So let’s make sure we design to empower, not exploit. Let’s design for love, not fear. 🙏🏼 💚


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