While can enrich any creative process, it can also reinforce unhealthy . Let’s -create with the people we’re designing for!
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Check out the slides from our latest workshop for free tools & ‘dank’ memes 😅

Few things in life show your true nature better than the way you treat people with less power than you.

Creative Empathy for Product Design: mapping practical techniques to the Double Diamond
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Thanks @fabriciot for accepting this article into Bootcamp! We must help , not frustrate or exploit them. 🙏🏼

can help us at every phase of the design process.🙌🏼 d3e.co/vc

Here's a practical guide to applying techniques to the each phase of a Double Diamond process.

What do you think? 😃

I’m happy to be part of Bubble Games’ panel on for next Tuesday at @dutchdesignweek!
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Delighted to geek out with @MarikenG, @jeroenvanerp, & Froukje Sleeswijk-Visser how we can use to help people treat each other with (with or without ) 😃 🙏🏼

Most fail for lack of product-market fit. helps us achieve that fit by surfacing people’s real .
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Join me at Forty Hub on 3 November for a free afternoon with drinks in Utrecht on how can help you serve your customers better!

I learned from this @Kurz_Gesagt video that making is simple, even if it's not easy.
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1. Find someone you like (e.g. at a '3rd place')
2. Spend time with them
3. Repeat 🔁

Good morning! I’m grateful today for my upcoming guest lecture at @tudelft on different ways can nurture in a creative team.
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Example: Set up a test panel for free in @element_hq or Slack to with your audience!

🙏🏼 Thank you @fabrique for the inspiring evening about & !

The story: a creative team including Froukje Sleeswijk-Visser & Jeroen van Erp used & dialogue to help youths, residents, & city gov to co-design neighborhood improvements in Eindhoven.

My key takeaways:

🙌🏼 For change, it’s usually more effective to mobilize the silent majority than to try to ‘turn’ a radicalized minority.

🧭 If you want something done & no one’s doing it, then start it yourself.

🌍 We need to work more holistically, creating systems, rather than just products, services, or experiences.

Thank y’all for inviting me!

“The speaking of another person takes the shape of the container of your listening. - @PEBMD
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‘The bowl’ is a profound insight for me, from The Conversation Factory . Thank you, @dastillman! 🙏🏼

Yay! Just added the video/transcript for my talk at @Dublin_UX last year.
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Great addresses our deepest human needs. And for helps us discover those needs.

Go raibh maith agaibh, @PatrickMooney 🙌🏼

US/China pol 

The current US/China situation “is very similar to that which existed between powers immediately prior to World Wars I and II...” @RayDalio
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But, “…people still have that will affect the outcomes.” Let’s choose or the wins.

“While the inherited assets and liabilities of a country are very important, history has shown that the way are with themselves and others is the most important determinant.” @RayDalio

Better & help us be better , together 🙏🏼 💚

An empathic-mindset intervention for can reduce suspensions & improve students’ performance for the future. 💚 d3e.co/uy

“At a time when anti-bias training is not producing the improvements in outcomes we need to see, our empathy intervention was able to sideline teachers’ biases to reduce a racial disparity in suspensions in schools and do it in a sustainable way.” Dr. Jason Okonofua


Sometimes, it's kinder to *not* be nice! This study shows that can undermine constructive if they give it in a way that's too "agreeable."
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It's more to be : tell me how I can improve, so that I can.

This is gonna be fun! Creative Empathy for with @SiRintergov:
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At our session this Thursday, we’ll discuss how can help us serve people’s deepest needs around topics like , energy , & . 🙏🏼 @epicantus!

"Thus, the presence of appears to encourage an enjoyment of being or interacting with people. But it may potentially also be motivated by a desire to dominate them. 😐 d3e.co/uf

Researchers at @TrentUni explore empathy's side. But can we find a different word than "dark" to describe deceptive behavior, please? 😃

"Great requires a fine mix of all kinds of skills..., and tops the list of what leaders must get right."
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@TracyBrower108 cites 7 studies on how empathic leadership helps reduce & fosters & at .

I look forward to facilitating this workshop at the @HvA on Creative for social change!
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Who we are influences how we resonate with others. So it's crucial for us to keep challenging our , especially in .

So @carolinalomeli asked me which I use to stay compassionate in hard times. My answer is simple, but NOT easy: self- 🧘🏽 d3e.co/u3

If I’m angry, it means I’m afraid. Understanding & addressing that fear creates space for and .

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