Sometimes, it's kinder to *not* be nice! This study shows that can undermine constructive if they give it in a way that's too "agreeable."

It's more to be : tell me how I can improve, so that I can.

This is gonna be fun! Creative Empathy for with @SiRintergov:

At our session this Thursday, we’ll discuss how can help us serve people’s deepest needs around topics like , energy , & . 🙏🏼 @epicantus!

"Thus, the presence of appears to encourage an enjoyment of being or interacting with people. But it may potentially also be motivated by a desire to dominate them. 😐

Researchers at @TrentUni explore empathy's side. But can we find a different word than "dark" to describe deceptive behavior, please? 😃

"Great requires a fine mix of all kinds of skills..., and tops the list of what leaders must get right."

@TracyBrower108 cites 7 studies on how empathic leadership helps reduce & fosters & at .

I look forward to facilitating this workshop at the @HvA on Creative for social change!

Who we are influences how we resonate with others. So it's crucial for us to keep challenging our , especially in .

So @carolinalomeli asked me which I use to stay compassionate in hard times. My answer is simple, but NOT easy: self- 🧘🏽

If I’m angry, it means I’m afraid. Understanding & addressing that fear creates space for and .

I’m incredibly grateful to have been a guest on @dastillman’s excellent !

Thank you Chantel, Erin, Jim, & Daniel for the meaningful questions & creating space to geek out on & in general 🙌🏼💚

“I’m not willing to expose my customers to this harm…”


@LushLtd co-founder & CEO @Markatlush on why the company has left . ✊🏼💚🚀

"I want to learn how to help others feel completely loved." How different would , , or be if we embraced this philosophy?

@simonsinek & @TimShriver explore this & life's on this amazing podcast ep.

Hi! Join me at @Dublin_UX, where we'll be having a talk & discussion on 😃


We'll demystify as a skill, cover key concepts, & discuss practical techniques that anyone can use.

I'm looking forward to it!

Designers & people can facilitate empathy in their product teams. But they’re not the only ones!


Here’s my campfire stories talk on Creative , now with (captioned) video.

Empathic ➞ compassionate products ➞ equitable world 🌍

Excited & a little nervous for my guest lecture at @tudelft tomorrow morning!


I’ll share some campfire stories of failure & success from my career.

Real is about:
🙇🏽‍♀️ Deeply understanding people’s needs
🙋🏽‍♀️ Crafting inspiring narratives
💁🏽‍♀️ Empowering people without exploiting them

In other words, the future of UX is our humanity!

Creative helps us :
👩‍🦰 Recognize people’s humanity
🤳🏽 See people as more than ‘users’
💪🏼 Empower people, not exploit them
💚 Build a more equitable world

The world deserves your !


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