Yay! Good news: Dutch secret services will destroy the illegal data they collected on millions of citizens, thanks to @bitsoffreedom.
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This is a win for , , , and the . Thank you @Lot_ten and @chickpurchase!

Speaking of , new laws & shifting mindsets give us , legal, & commercial opportunities.
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Here’s my latest on the topic, discussing
📸 More need for privacy
⚖️ Digital Services Act
🙅🏻‍♀️ People’s increasing awareness

Good morning! Friendly reminder: all data our smartphones collect are admissible in court.

💁🏽 Simple tips to protect yourself: d3e.co/um

“Laws catch flies but let hornets go free.” - Jonathan Swift

My top 3 favorite parts of the @EU_Commission's & :
🎯 Bans on targeted ads using sensitive data
⚖️ Ban of unfair practices
🙅🏽 Right to opt-out from profiling

See more 👉🏼 d3e.co/uj

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Yay: my latest video is out! Watch me mess up slides, speech, & counting while giving practical tips for in apps.
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Privacy is an opportunity for us to help people feel safety & trust. Let's shift our mindset 😃

Many thanks to Michelle Chibba and Seneca College for inviting me to give this guest lecture. It's a pity I couldn't give it live, but it's something 🙆🏽

Congrats to @Europarl_EN for adopting a draft of the ! Another win & I am grateful. 🇪🇺🙌🏼 d3e.co/ts

If passed, it will prevent using sensitive information for targeted ads & require easy opt-outs from tracking.

🥳 win! Belgian courts rule that @IAB's real-time bidding is illegal under .
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When you click Accept on certain cookie pop-ups, IAB shares your w/ hundreds of other companies, so they can bid on who may show you ads. In microseconds...

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So a court in Munich has fined a website operator for using Google Fonts. This feels like a win for !

💪🏼 To celebrate, I updated this blog post with instructions for how to remove Google Fonts from any WordPress site: d3e.co/tk

HT James Mullarkey 🎩

Vielen Dank, München! 🍻


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