Our jokes shape our culture, and our shapes which behavior we accept.

In our upcoming episode, @ghadaalaa tells us how she's fighting for by creating cultures of & psychological safety.

🎙️ The full episode will be ready soon!

May you be safe, healthy, happy, and experience abundant love! 💚🙏🏼🧘🏽

"Addiction is a progressive narrowing of the things that bring you pleasure... A good life is a progressive expansion of the things that give you pleasure."

📺 d3e.co/t4
(YouTube video)

"Safety is impossible. Build protocols of protection instead." @dastillman

🧿 d3e.co/t3

Tyson Yunkaporta's protocols:
1. Care for yourself.
2. for people around you.

Let's accept that errors happen, prevent what we can, & recover w/

Designers & people can facilitate empathy in their product teams. But they’re not the only ones!

💁🏽 d3e.co/delft2021

Here’s my campfire stories talk on Creative , now with (captioned) video.

Empathic ➞ compassionate products ➞ equitable world 🌍

Selfie, ec 

@Kahumahu I’m loving that necklace!!! 🌞

If you're used to centralised networks like Facebook, you may be wondering why Mastodon and the Fediverse are spread across thousands of sites. Why not just have a single site where people sign up?

There are many important reasons, but maybe the most important is this:

Networks on single sites tend to be bought by bad people when they get popular 😠

It happened to Instagram (bought by Facebook), it happened to Whatsapp (bought by Facebook), it happened to YouTube (bought by Google). It can happen to ANYTHING built entirely around one site.

No matter how much you trust the people who run a site, when someone offers them billions of dollars they may just take the money.

Decentralised networks, where there is no central site, are much more resistant to buyouts.

No one owns the global email network, thousands of indie players like @Tutanota and @protonmail are able to offer alternatives, and if one provider behaves badly you can switch to a different provider.

#FediTips #Fediverse

@levels_check Increase structural integrity! Divert power from primary systems!

My gender is not 'prefer not to say'. I very much like saying that I'm non-binary.

“There is a sense that… you are not [in] the driver’s seat, that you are a passive observer. You must begin to understand what it is in your life that you can and cannot drive, and let what you cannot go.”

Today’s reading is more true than I was ready for. :_cards: d3e.co/t2

@Kahumahu seems like a cool idea! What’s inspiring this for you right now?

How to treat symptoms of acute Monday-itis:

🚶🏽 Walking
🌳 Forest-bathing
🧘🏽 Meditating
✍🏼 Free-writing
🤗 Hugging
💁🏽 Talking about it
🙋🏽 Helping someone else
🤷🏽 Anything else?

@aral Well, how else are we supposed to afford all the tax breaks we EU citizens give to global tech conglomerates? Poor Jeffy can only get an erection in zero-G 🚀

@Gargron Could we potentially rename Mastodon users to people?

Make it say “Discover People” is what I’m proposing. #mastode

@Crazypedia Not specific to men, but I think our energy levels and moods work cyclically. And this on a micro and macro level.

I feel am ebb and flow during a single day, but also fluctuating across the year. Things that wouldn't faze me in the spring keep me awake in the fall, for example. And I'm biologically male.

Is this what you mean? Or are you talking more along the lines of sperm counts & hormone levels?

@aral Congratulations to all of y’all 😃 🏡

I’m sorry it was so difficult.

@Crazypedia Do you mind if I repost this in other places? I’d love to invoke the Goblin of Freedom for my friends on Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. :blobhearteyesa:

@threethousanddreams Feels like something a Star Trek away team would stumble across 🌞 🍄🖖

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