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I'll put out a treat
And let today approach me
Maybe make a friend

Like walking in mud,
unsure how to ‘seize’ today.
How are you feeling?

Would you make someone else work as hard as you are working right now? Be kind to yourself.

My top 3 favorite parts of the @EU_Commission's & :
🎯 Bans on targeted ads using sensitive data
⚖️ Ban of unfair practices
🙅🏽 Right to opt-out from profiling

See more 👉🏼

HT @bitsoffreedom

This is gonna be fun! Creative Empathy for with @SiRintergov:

At our session this Thursday, we’ll discuss how can help us serve people’s deepest needs around topics like , energy , & . 🙏🏼 @epicantus!

Protect your schedule, including the empty time.

Study offers new evidence that drinking can protect against Alzheimer’s disease

Apparently, one of my is actually preventative . Paper by Samantha L. Gardener, et al @EdithCowanUni 🙌🏼

I've recommended Priority Guides like 6 times in the last 3 weeks as a superb tool. 🙌🏼

Invented by @HeleenvanNues & Lennart Overkamp, map content to journeys & flows without layouts. Great for UX & ! 👍🏼

It's official! @uxacademyNL's next UX certification training is on Friday 22 April - online.

If you're a professional & want to get certified, the certification has IMHO the best value for money. Our helps prepare you for the .

for every engineer who moves fast and breaks things, there are four more who move slow and fix things. and they're tired of the first engineer's bullshit

"Thus, the presence of appears to encourage an enjoyment of being or interacting with people. But it may potentially also be motivated by a desire to dominate them. 😐

Researchers at @TrentUni explore empathy's side. But can we find a different word than "dark" to describe deceptive behavior, please? 😃

"Great requires a fine mix of all kinds of skills..., and tops the list of what leaders must get right."

@TracyBrower108 cites 7 studies on how empathic leadership helps reduce & fosters & at .

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

Quote: Oliver Goldsmith

Artwork (marker on tile): A Obra 21, Lisboa

“From the very beginning, we designed the app to be for people with cognitive, vision, & hearing impairments.”

I’m grateful for @toptal’s case study of our work on the @mastersofscale Courses with @waitwhat. 🙏🏼 🙌🏼

I look forward to facilitating this workshop at the @HvA on Creative for social change!

Who we are influences how we resonate with others. So it's crucial for us to keep challenging our , especially in .

Having trouble giving presentations into your webcam? Try this little

📸 🐱

Gravel underfoot,
sunshine, and cherry blossoms.
Now is all there is.


Yay: my latest video is out! Watch me mess up slides, speech, & counting while giving practical tips for in apps.

Privacy is an opportunity for us to help people feel safety & trust. Let's shift our mindset 😃

Many thanks to Michelle Chibba and Seneca College for inviting me to give this guest lecture. It's a pity I couldn't give it live, but it's something 🙆🏽

Want to young with the Red Cross? ℹ️

@IFRCInnovation is looking for mentors to help teams of young people to develop value propositions & prototypes. It's ≈ 1 hour per week for 4 weeks.

👉🏼 Interested? Talk to @alejandrohcp

The spring sun exclaims:
“Safety is an illusion.
Climb a tree today!”

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