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There is no normal life that is free of pain. It's the very wrestling with our problems that can be the impetus for our growth. ~ Mr. Rogers


To everyone in the US who might hopefully be taking to the streets tonight: leave your phone at home.

The metadata is leaks the entire night can get you and your friends imprisoned. It's not worth it. The convenience isn't worth it. Just don't bring it.


Science-based tips for more in any job

☺️ Take of yourself
🧘🏽‍♀️ Prioritize
🚶🏽‍♀️ Stay healthy
😃 Work for
🫂 Improve skills
👯 Find great
📖 Learn how to

👆🏽 More in the article by @80000Hours

Did you ever dream of:
- visualizing and cuting trackers?
- removing ads?
- faking your geolocation and IP address?

That's in our new "Advanced Privacy" module in /e/OS v1!

#deGoogled #smarpthones #privacy #mydataisMYdata #opensource

Learn more!

The battles we’re fighting for our privacy aren’t just to make our phones and computers private places today. They’re to keep our homes, cars, and minds private places in the future. They’re to protect our personhood and stave off autocracy.

#privacy #humanRights

"When people are self-compassionate, they live closer to their core & have more to pursue their goals." - Chris Germer w/ Dan Harris on the of self-


Ask yourself: what do I ?

🐈 What do I need to comfort myself?
🧘🏽 What do I need to soothe myself?
💪🏼 What do I need to validate myself?
🙅🏽 What do I need to protect myself?
🥗 What do I need to provide for myself?
🚀 What do I need to motivate myself?

via Masters of Scale

Sometimes, it's kinder to *not* be nice! This study shows that can undermine constructive if they give it in a way that's too "agreeable."

It's more to be : tell me how I can improve, so that I can.

Your daily reminder that you don’t have to react to the bullshit of the mainstream.

Act! Set the narrative! Make your own tools – kind, caring, fair, and non-colonial ones – and let those exploitative fuckers be the ones who have to react to that.

(This is a lesson I admit I have to keep relearning but I think I’m getting better at it. Not having the asshole Twitter algorithm riling me up any chance it gets has also helped since I stopped visiting that cesspit.)

Freedom of press.
Freedom of speech.
Freedom of thought.

None of these are possible without privacy.

“You don’t think your way into a new way of acting. You act your way into a new way of thinking.”
- @reidhoffman

🎩 @waitwhat @mastersofscale

Speaking of , new laws & shifting mindsets give us , legal, & commercial opportunities.

Here’s my latest on the topic, discussing
📸 More need for privacy
⚖️ Digital Services Act
🙅🏻‍♀️ People’s increasing awareness

“The story of is tied with the story of , and the qualities of our mentors may determine our journey more than we think.”

@KoverlicaD on & in

Wanna make the world a better place? Do what you're good at.

5 q's by @ben_j_todd of @80000Hours
🎲 What are your chances?
🧭 What drives ?
🎓 What do say?
💚 Do you excited to do it?
⚖️ Will you it long-term?

thinking & better management skills are short-term effects of that improves on reasoning tasks.” - Rachel Schepke


Study by Jutta Karhu, et al. HT @PsyPost

“I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness.” - Max Planck, 'father' of


Thanks for this, @AlanJSteinberg8! What do y'all think?

🏷 HT @PsychToday

“When you treat people as equals, rather than… patients, they tend to be more receptive to & more forgiving when things go wrong.”

I’m grateful to have contributed to this post by Lauren Song w/ Val Vasylenko on @toptal’s blog 🙏🏼

Good morning! Friendly reminder: all data our smartphones collect are admissible in court.

💁🏽 Simple tips to protect yourself:

“Laws catch flies but let hornets go free.” - Jonathan Swift

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