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Self-care means something different for everyone. Do the things that will help you feel better.

Feeling nervous 😬 This Thursday, I'm speaking & facilitating a plenary discussion on with @creativemorning in Utrecht 🙏🏼

I'm no expert, so I'll be sharing my perspective & starting the . Why are we here? What happens when we die? And will ever know for sure?

Let's discuss these questions and celebrate our together!

“While the inherited assets and liabilities of a country are very important, history has shown that the way are with themselves and others is the most important determinant.” @RayDalio

Better & help us be better , together 🙏🏼 💚

Surveillance is not security.
Surveillance is not privacy.
Surveillance is not safety.

Don't allow facial recognition tech to creep into our day-to-day lives.

An empathic-mindset intervention for can reduce suspensions & improve students’ performance for the future. 💚

“At a time when anti-bias training is not producing the improvements in outcomes we need to see, our empathy intervention was able to sideline teachers’ biases to reduce a racial disparity in suspensions in schools and do it in a sustainable way.” Dr. Jason Okonofua


#Microsoft is updating their terms of service again. They are now going to start blocking contents of your email based on what you say or upload.
The terms take effect August 15, 2022.

Ancestors whisper
ageless wisdom to us who
now listen and learn.

Which rites performed they,
who worshipped in this temple,
just above the sea?

Images: Kardaki Temple near Kerkyra, Corfu from 510 BC

The ability to link metadata to your identity can make a 'private' app extremely vulnerable.

Metadata collected and provided by WhatsApp was pivotal in the arrest and conviction of Natalie May Edwards — a whistleblower who is still in jail today for exposing corruption.


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🤲🏼🧴 A drop of from @RayDalio: without minimizing people’s suffering, “… has shown us that typically the majority of people stay employed in , are unharmed in shooting , and survive natural .”

🙏🏼 Thank you

Moments are like mezze: they’re best when we share them. 💚⛵️🙌🏼☀️

Fix something small that gets in your way. Sew on a button, clean a grimy keyboard.

Nothing disrupts capitalist logic quite like gardening.

Not only can you grow a cucumber for basically free, it’ll probably be the best tasting cucumber you can get.

No scarcity. No exoticness. No market forces.

Only abundance.

👋🏼 Hi! Do you know who created this diagram?

I’d love to write about it and want to properly cite its author. Thanks! 🙏🏼

Yay! Good news: Dutch secret services will destroy the illegal data they collected on millions of citizens, thanks to @bitsoffreedom.

This is a win for , , , and the . Thank you @Lot_ten and @chickpurchase!

Would any free and open source software developers here be interested in a free "basics of Rust" online training course? Something like a four hour session on a Saturday or Sunday, or two sessions of two hours, one on Saturday and one the next day.

I do paid training on this, and this would be a way for me to help the FOSS development community, and also get practice, and a bit of advertising.

Respond if you'd join. Boosts welcome.

There is no normal life that is free of pain. It's the very wrestling with our problems that can be the impetus for our growth. ~ Mr. Rogers

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