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Hello! Oddball Xennial here.
and in the US. I have been a solitary practitioner for 20+yrs. Lover and collector of history. I am a companion to 3 feline friends and a stellar partner. My social interests include and I love Mexican food, used book stores, collecting art, and road-trips. 31 months into an unfortunate journey of being a

Other personal interests:

"You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them."-- Maya Angelou

“ I often walk the woods alone.
Not because I crave solitude for solitude's sake,
but because when I am the only human
it is much easier to notice
other kinds of companionship.”

- Jarod K. Anderson

@Curator I'm Karin, I'm an Art photographer and Darkroom printer. Most of my work is black and white film and my cameras of choice are Pinhole and Medium Format cameras. I'm always more than happy to help people with questions about film photography and darkroom printing. I don't have a constant source of inspiration; I create depending on how I feel and what calls my attention on a specific moment.
#BelieveInFilm #WomensArt #MastoArt #FilmPhotography #AnalogPhotography #Darkroom

Good morning Mastodon friends , wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday . Found a beautiful autumn path yesterday near home … #devon #nationaltrust #dunsland #landscapephotography #photography #sonyalpha #hiking #autumn

In honor of , I present our 3 feline companions: Kona, Biggie, & Hunter S. Tomcat. Their pastimes include bird watching, bringing field mice into our bedroom at 2am, throwing shade at the Roomba, giving loud serenades while performing Olympic level zoomies at dawn, and bringing immense joy into our home.

I enjoy the idea of a social platform that doesn’t suppress casual users for not producing enough engagement. Prioritizing quantity over quality to appease an algorithm created a meaningless “attention economy”, that really took the the substance and genuine connection out of most online communities.

DECENTRALISED SOCIAL NETWORK IDEA: ‘Goosetodon’, a fork of Mastodon where toots are ‘honks’, boosts are also ‘honks’, favourites are ‘honks’, everything is just ‘honks’ and no it doesn’t make any sense but you have to admit it’s consistent and also it sounds like geese.

Not sure who needs to hear this 

Just a reminder that with *gestures vaguely at everything* being what it is, absolutely anything you're doing right now to keep going, no matter how small and insignificant it might seem, is an incredible accomplishment and you should feel proud.

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