Personal Experience / Queer Usage 

Im on chapter 14 of Initiation by Elisabeth Haich, and there’s another falsehood stated.

However, we must remember that she wrote this book in 1953, a time when it wasn’t yet known that slaves weren’t used in such situations as taking the Blessed Dead to their tombs or building of the Pyramids.

(Speaking of the time this was written, it shows in the vocabulary she uses for things like anxious; she uses excited, and weird; she uses queer. It’s unfortunate that one, so if you pick up the book, keep that in mind.)

That aside, another thing I’m having a bit of issue with, is the Christian undertones. I’ve glanced at other chapters when she speaks of her experience with Ptahhotep and when he mentions “God,” it’s always spelt that way.

When in reality, Ptahhotep would probably word it as “gods” or “The Neteru (Netjeru.)” If my suspicion is correct on the timeframe, he may even mean Amun.

Perhaps this will be explained to me when I get to those parts as I may be taking this out of context. But right now, I’m slightly annoyed. 🤣🤣

I honestly should have expected the Christian under tones considering the Author’s Notes describe Set as Satan, which is horribly inaccurate. 🙄🙄 (it’s enough to piss me off tbh.)

I’m actually also taking notes in a journal and writing down my thoughts on things that stick out to me. As always with these books, take what resonates and leave what doesn’t.

I’ve been doing this all afternoon today. It’s been lovely tbh. I also been feeling Set chat with me about things as I journal and take notes. 🥹💖

I think I’m going to take a break and order pizza 😌💖


Despite one thing—so far—that is incorrect, I’m excited to dive deeper into it.

Here is your reminder that Set is NOT an equivalent to Satan. They’re not synonymous in anyway, shape, or form.

on my Read List right now:

🌹 The Oracle Within by Jennifer Posada

🌹 Psychic Witch by Mat Auryn

🌹 A Practical Guide to Pagan Priesthood by Rev. Lora O'Brien

🌹 Initiation by Elisabeth Haich--when it comes on Friday

The first three I've had for ages, and I know I need to finish them. I feel each has their own way of helping me on my path.

I also have books on my list about the religion in antiquity. I love books so much. :blobcatlove:

My husband bought me that book I mentioned last night. 🥰 I can't wait to get it to read it.

Now my brain is going everywhere thinking on writing morning and evening prayers just for Set to recite to Him every day. :blobcatlove:

Personal Path / Long Post 

I did some research, trying to find more info on disconnecting myself for the continuation of my path.

I found some interesting personal accounts that just helped me feel motivated, knowing deep in my heart & soul I was walking the right path for me.

I explained why I stayed up so late to my husband today & went on a talk, trying to pry any insight he may have. (Spoiler alert: he didn't have any.)

I broke down my thoughts of disconnecting myself from things such as perfectionism & fearing of not doing it properly, from doing too much research rather than experiencing it.

Husband had mentioned that there can never be too much research, but perhaps I needed to truly just experience it without fear & not try to find this "self" through other people's experiences.

Within my research, I came across a book written back in the 50s that is about someone kind of doing the same thing, & goes into Initiations & her past life as a Priestess in Egypt. I started reading the Intro as it's the sample.

She recounts her experience asking someone about their experience of connecting to "self" to which the Woman replies with:

"Why should I tell you about it? Everyone must achieve perfect recognition of self in their own way. What good would it do you for me to tell you my way? You could not follow my way."

And it hit like a ton of bricks. I'm tearing up tbh--thanks Pisces Moon, Cancer Rising, like!? It's the exact same thing I've been preaching this whole time:

That everyone's experience is their own on these paths. I can't experience that for them, they must do the work. :blobcatlove:

Perhaps it's just disconnecting myself from the "self" other people--& society--has assigned to me since that isn't me. And I must experience that on my own, in my own way. No amount of research is going to do that for me, or show me the way.

I still want this book, though. I feel it'd be fine piece for my collection, tbh. :blobshrug:

While sacred-texts dot com may be good for the more witchy side of resource, it is an awful one for any resource.

They offer heavily outdated books and translations. Budge isn’t to be bothered to read or take from. He is super outdated, racist af, and pushes his Christian ideology in his translations. (I typically warn people to steer clear of him and New Age lore bull 💩 )

Even though these are free, they’re a waste of time, unfortunately. 🥺

Egyptology is still evolving today, so I always highly recommend getting more modern books—which they can be pricey. So check your libraries and used book stores.

Look for Emily Teeter, Richard Wilkinson, and Faulkner to name a few. Oh! I do believe the one by Breasted on the site is okay—I’ve seen him sourced in the books I’ve been reading.

With that in mind for the collector, however, the books are great 🤣💖

I hope this helps. 🥹💖🫰🏻

chaos worm warning 

ok, so there is a problem that comes up among kemetics and the kemetic paths. There is always a trend to venerate the chaos worm. Apep/Apophis is not a deity. It is a creature that wants to destroy everything. It hates Creation. It wants to kill Ra so that Creation falls. It is a creature that wants to rip down Ma'at, which is what Creation is formed by. Do not venerate the chaos worm. It is not a misunderstood being or one that can be humanized, because its not human. There is no dichotomy of good and evil in its placement. Its the enemy of all other beings. Whenever it had to be depicted it is shown being cut and injured. That is a heka to keep it subdued so the deities can keep it at bay.

Personal Path / Beliefs 

I’m learning to take the next steps on my path, but it’s going to be difficult.

With so many readings, I’ve been getting the message of disconnecting from my old self, perhaps even my self as is, and to move onto higher places.

I feel this is more than just social media, more than just defeating Miranda (my self doubt). What it is, I don’t know. I guess I’ll see where Set takes me.

Letting go of the notion of me, Amber seeking this path VS The Priestess self walking this path. It’s been difficult to wrap my head around right now. I feel I also have to look outside the Priesthood in antiquity.

While yes, it’s important to bring that into my practice, (and I’ve been studying it) I’m wondering if this lesson is elsewhere. 🫣🤔

If anyone has any tips, even resources that could teach me more, I’d be happy to hear if you feel called to. :blobcatmmm:

Religious Prayer 

O, Lord of Storms, I sing to Thee

May your rains to nourish the lands

Voice of Thunder, I hear Thee

As the crack of lightning lights the sky,

may it light up the path we walk on

May you guide us with strength.

Dua Setesh. Dua. Dua. Dua

Art by Fiona Hsieh

(I had wrote this a while ago and put it on a video for Tiktok of it storming really nice back when I lived in Florida before Hurricane Ian hit. I have yet to post the video, but it was intended to give hope for Setians—and non Setians—to keep walking their paths. I might post the video sometime when I miss hearing thunderstorms as where I live now, they don’t get them often. 🥹💖)

Em hotep~! I’m Amber, a polytheist & Priestess of Set’s. I mostly teach about Set & Kemeticism, which I love talking about. 🤣💖🫰🏻

I also host The Magic of Egypt podcast with my best friend where we do the same thing, teach Kemeticism. I also do that on my Tiktok.

I geek out about Priestesses in Antiquity as well. 🤣💖 A passion of mine, for sure. Well, I think that works for an intro. Nefer sedjmek, may you hear beautiful things. 🥰💖


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