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obsessed. Loves: book hoarder, collector of art -- and godawful at writing intros.

I will absolutely fight anyone who badmouths

Professional & maker of and

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Oh, and one more thing I did not remember to say in my is that I am an absolute fiend for art -- especially of the variety.

I even created an called in honour of the genre.

Expect lots of book cover imagery in my feed (or whatever TF feeds are called here).

She looks less like she is fleeing and more like she is wandering off while vaguely somewhat annoyed.

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"Please," said the man, "can you do magic to make me be kind?"
"No," said the witch. "Magic cannot change anyone's nature."
"So there is no hope for me?"
"You ask the wrong question. Kind is not something you are. It is what you do."
"Is it that simple?"
"It is that hard."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

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Whoever named the nervous system did a really good job

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this is my fort, my mom will bring us some juice boxes & snacks

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Hello. I am @maker , the admin account at which is an instance created for handmade artisan shops & businesses in the fediverse.
I curate & share their creations so you can find & follow them more easily.
Please give me ( @maker ) a follow so you can discover and follow all the wonderful makers we have at

** Please also give this post a boost, if you would be so kind, so that people may more easily find me and our resident artisans **

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just another day of shoo’ing contortionists out of my courtyard

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In the beginning there was VOID, who had two daughters, one ERIS, and one ANERIS.

And lo did ERIS, being born pregnant, give birth to DYSNOMIA (who is called ANARCHY by dope-ass streetwise punks) comprised of elements both SWEET and BOOM.

And such was his distress that Solon wrote an entire diss track, unto which Dysnomia said, "bitchin'", and concocted a response so foul that Aneris didst remove all traces of it from the Earth.

Not an easy day to feel positive about things. Nevertheless, I shall attempt to persist.

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Oh yeah Twitter… that place I go to find people’s mastodon addresses.

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O magnanimous spirit, called the nearest ghost, thee I behold! Bind my boss!

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okay here's a first non-logistical toot: independent bookstores make a third of their sales between Thanksgiving & the end of the year 💛

pls consider getting holiday gifts from local bookstores, most of which ship nationwide

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Mastodon etiquette / big accounts 

I've seen quite a few accounts moving over from Twitter with thousands of followers that literally follow no one. Zero. Generally, I don't care about that ratio - if you post interesting things, I'm here for it - but I'm going to make a special effort not to follow anyone who is clearly just broadcasting, with zero interest in listening. That seems like such a waste of this place's potential.

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stop glamorizing the grind and start glamorizing Mushroom Mother with her children

More coming soon. Long-awaited, much-delayed furniture just arrived, enabling a whole new wave of unpacking. And necessitating assembly, but weirdly I love that part? It's the solving part of my nature.

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Some tips for any of my friends who’ve come over as part of the #TwitterMigration

1. Be thoughtful: political and/or controversial posts should come with a #ContentWarning. CWs are to give people a choice
2. When posting images and video, make sure you use the #alt text on the media for those visually impaired
3. #Boosting a post is a great thing to do, it really helps people
4. Follow #HashTags
5. Make sure you case hash tags properly
6. Don’t use #TwitterRefugee
7. #Introduce yourself

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