Have ‘Mirror in the Bathroom’ stuck in my head, only it has become ‘Murder in the Bathroom’. Which would be a bop, honestly.

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king of cups for january. hmm.

may this bode well for my imposter syndrome at work, be it me or someone else doling out the diplomacy and emotional intelligence. 😄

Gods bless the fine line between good drunk and bad drunk, which I walk between now and whenever.

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In my family you get a pewter tankard with your name, date of birth and a space for death engraved on it (other side of mug, personal info) when you turn 18.

You have to drink from it on old year’s day for good luck in the next year.

So that is our little family tradition.

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When one types for a living & slices through their fingernail during veg prep. Big yikes. Have already downgraded from gauze nest to simple bandage so hopefully I'll be vaguely competent at the keeb.

Apologies in advance for typos (and fair warning that I am prone to them regardless)

I'm about halfway through Neurotribes and really enjoying it. The sympathetic history I didn't know I needed. I've had the ebook for ages. Guess it was finally time!


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