Looking for what energy to cultivate this weekend. I got :

The two of Cups (water)
Adjustment aka Justice (air)
The five of Coins (earth)

Seems like running themes of equilibrium and unity (and the lack thereof). Avoid extremes of emotion and materialism this weekend. No retail therapy, for sure!

General #tarot reading. The World, the Hermit, and the ten of Swords. 

Well, this is a real kick in the basket. And I don't even believe the cards predict the future. But, dang...

The World: a new cycle.
The Hermit: isolation and contemplation.
Ten of Swords: conflict and despair.

I hope you still have your masks handy. I think we're going to need them still. 🤒

Anyone have a favorite tarot deck? Currently, mine is the Tarot of the Zirkus Mägi. It's a fun, old timey circus themed deck. I feel a little bit of a connection on account of having grandparents who were circus/carnival folk. I'm also a huge fan of its vintage collage art style.


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