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looking for a new planner layout to try out in the new year, mines super plain. i like minimalist layouts but im getting bored of mine and wanna jazz it up with something different. anyone wanna share pictures of their ?

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twitch, transphobia, ableism 

Twitch have added a bunch of new charities to their list, and two of them are the LGB alliance - a transphobic hate group - and Autism Speaks - an ableist hate group.

This can't be allowed to stand. Please use the link below if you have a twitch account to vote for this issue:

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show me cool rocks u have

this man in my pms told me hes straight so i told him hes mistaken in messaging me because im a man and he told me "oh no i know" and that he thinks it's "exciting to have something different." so whos gonna tell him?

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Breaking News: Transphobia, Twitter 

Apparently Musk has given anti-trans propagandists access to the inner workings of Twitter, which may include personal user data. If you or anyone you know is still on Twitter, please, share the news with them.

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Planned anti-trans protest in #seattle 

Attention #Seattle #lgbtq and allies!

The long-running Drag Queen Story Time at Renton’s Brewmaster’s Taproom has been targeted by fearmongering bigots who plan to shut it down this Saturday. We need an overwhelming number to counter protest and keep the venue safe.

Gondor calls for aid!

not a man whos claiming to be "straight" on a queer dating app and sliding into my dms. sir. are you lost or lying?

someone who just found out im queer: hey do you know my friend? hes trans too!
me, begrudgingly: ....yes

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6 degrees of kevin bacon except its queers

why is it that the people most set on "debate" are the people who get the most upset about the existence of other opinions :blobcatglare:

@Em @thatrebelwitch in any case, i dont feel like debating and this isnt what my post was about.

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@Em @thatrebelwitch spirits are all energetic beings. humans have spirits. plants have spirits. rocks have spirits. gods are also spirits. there is no distinction. a plant spirit is different from a rock spirit but just because they are two different categories doesnt mean they arent both spirits. one doesnt handle a coffee machine and a truck the same way, but they are still both machines.

i say "just" but this has been going on for months and ive tried everything to discourage him from doing it but it has not worked

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You can go “goblin mode,” but I’m going to go “hobbit mode”: walking around barefoot in a comfortable home, eating more than three meals a day, splitting my time between tending my garden and writing, and occasionally getting pulled into an adventure by an old wizard.

after being alive for 16 years, my cat just realised he loves to scream and will do so randomly and without reason, with great fervour, at any given time.

while divinity and magic can absolutely manifest in physical ways, please practice discernment.

is your candle burning with a huge flame because of magic or did you just pack it with a bunch of flammable dry plant material? is apollo talking to you or did you just see a normal bird outside, where birds live? did the house spirits knock down your new poster because they dont like it or did you just not tape it down properly?

some things just exist because they exist and thats that. not everything exists to communicate some higher meaning to you specifically. thats an egocentric way of looking at the world. life is so much bigger than that.

magic, spirits and the divine can and do communicate with us through mundane means. but a lot of people (especially newcomers) tend to assume everything is a sign, when sometimes its just something existing. its okay to be unsure. its okay to say "hey, maybe this is a sign or maybe its not."

and its okay if something isnt a sign. it doesnt mean your gods abandoned you. it doesnt mean your magic isnt working.

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