And post IVF transfer update, a rough time and the transfer didn't stick. It's a roller coaster, what can you do?

I am going to do , which should be fun. I have a neglected blog where I talk about some spiritual stuff and my last few years of some rough stuff with and . And also my spiritual practice and experiments. Trying to be real and not hold back out of fear that I'll weird people out, because they are more conservative (or whatever) than I!

Thank you for letting me join this server. I love mastodon, but wanted a server that was more spiritually oriented than techy.

By way of a brief introduction, I am pagan, who works with journaling, a bit of tarot, with Norse and Celtic inspiration (but never folkish, because eff that nonsense), I work with past lives and a bit with deity. Generally eclectic and just enjoying trusting my own intuition about my path. Other than that, I'm an artist doing oil painting and fiber arts, married with two cats and a dog. She/her.

Hello, I'm new. The ouija board mouse pointer is just delightful.


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