Greetings - I thought I would take a second and suggest that you add the rss feed somewhere in the bio for the blog. Since you use writefreely, the feed can be accessed by suffixing "feed" to the URL: - Now I can keep up on my news aggregator OR follow here with

93 93/93

@fravo Cool beans about following via RSS. I do too! By the way, I link the RSS in the footer to each issue (as in the attached image), and I've mentioned it before in various places. The space available in the "bio" of the list web page is extremely limited, and I'm using it up already, unfortunately. But, I did just add the RSS link to the profile for @list as well, since it wasn't there yet.

@librarian @list excellent. It's good to see some of the good online resources for hermetic info making it's way over here. Thank you!

@fravo Yeah, it took me a while to join the 'verse. tbh, I'd been thinking about it for a very long time, but didn't make the jump until recently, sort of spurred on by a perfect storm of finally being fed up enough with not reaching people through big social and the impending oligarch takeover of birdsite. But, I'm pretty much all in now! Cheers!

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