Maybe just a bit too much... eesh 

There's a mood:

“You told me, Sleep, I’ll wake you in the morning. I asked, What is morning? and you said, When everyone who fucked with me is dead.”

@g @otto That second deck pops. The first one is haunting - I like it.

My personal go to these days is Tina Gong's Arcana Iris Sacra deck. Before that it was her Golden Thread.

It's Thursday.

Show me your tarot deck!

Tell me why you picked it!

Loneliness, isolation, mh (-) 

@Writch Does taking part in online discussion and/or chat help? A lot of us are in the same boats and have found our way by being online with friends of like minds.

Anyhow, we're around! Hi!

Earlier @raye linked a great zine and I fell down a rabbit hole and found this gem:

We Are Magic: Sigils for Trans Power

Oh yeah... I'm a yoga expert... let me show you my Shivasana pose... I can hold that one for hours at a time.

@librarian This means your 111th post needs to be a spreadsheet.

@Writch man I was so sad they discontinued these. I was going to save up for one and just kept putting off buying.

@librarian @list excellent. It's good to see some of the good online resources for hermetic info making it's way over here. Thank you!


Greetings - I thought I would take a second and suggest that you add the rss feed somewhere in the bio for the blog. Since you use writefreely, the feed can be accessed by suffixing "feed" to the URL: - Now I can keep up on my news aggregator OR follow here with

93 93/93

@bruja_alice Tina Gong is a symbols genius, and I wish they were on the fediverse.

@cardchess The boost bit was a bit of silliness, but it's appreciated. Thank you :smile:

As to the rest - maybe interesting? I've run across several (including EGC bishops) who claim to be "religious but not spiritual". The going though being that what we're doing is metaprogramming our deeper selves through ritual and religious practices.

@Crazypedia In one of my lineages, we've been calling mainstream christians that since 300 C.E.

@bruja_alice That would look cool with a Baphomet plushie on top of it.

Gosh! An - I forgot.

I am Fr. A.V.O. (no affiliation - I wouldn't join a club that would have me as a member). I am what I suppose you could call an ecclectic hermetic gnostic athiest. If you're not confused, you're not trying...

While I currently claim no magickal affiliation I mostly work along western "hermetic" or ceremonial magick, but a little bit more punk rock (read: chaos/discordian/fafo influence).

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