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My Spiritual Journey, Parts 1-5

(Originally tooted on my old instance.)

Part 1: Getting Away from Golgotha

This is a series of posts inspired by @khthoniaa.

I came to terms with being gay in 1996. At the time I was an evangelical Christian and tried to keep my faith for two and a half years. It didn't work. I realized that even if I accepted I was gay, my upbringing had taught me to hate myself and see myself as worthless so I needed a change.

Part 2: My First Witchcraft Book

I made many new friends to support me. The friend group I got involved with consisted of a lot of witches and Pagans. I asked one of them for a book recommendation. They recommended Cunningham's book. I fell in love. Magic resonated with me. And the God and Goddess were full of love and acceptance.

Part 3: Grappling with Cunningham

As I read Cunningham's book, I mostly loved it. The idea of magic being all around us and even flowing through us just made so much sense. (It's how I had imagined things as a kid.) I struggled the idea of both a god and a goddess though (I got over it) because my Christian upbringing said God was genderless/male.

Part 4: First Contact with a Goddess

Shortly after declaring myself a Wiccan (I went through a lot of labels), I decided to sit out on the grass in my back yard and just look up at the moon, which was one night past full. I was sad. I was hurting.

And I felt the presence of a goddess, embracing the world and me in her arms. Loving me. I think I actually wept.

Part 5: Making Local Friends

I decided to try to find local witches and Pagans, since my witchy friends from school were two hours away. Eventually, I made friends with one of the people who worked at a local witch shop. He was Druid hoping to start a grove. So I joined him and his mentor. I had realized the Wicca in Cunningham's book wasn't quite right for me.

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Hey there, everyone! Jarred here. I'm actually migrating to this server from Hopefully all my followers got redirected. And hopefully my following list gets processed. (I think I followed the import instructions correctly. Otherwise, I'll have to follow y'all again.

Anyway, some details about me:
Name: Jarred
Age: 48
Religion/Spirituality: Wyrd-worker, Vanic witch, Devotee of Freyja.
Job: Software developer
Sexual orientation: Gay
Gender: Cis male
Relationship Status: Happily married to a pansexual man.
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Playing computer games, Watching movies and television, Making videos about witchcraft and Pagan spirituality.

I also started sharing my spiritual journey. I'll likely repost it on this server, but in the meantime you can find it in this thread:

At any rate, I look forward to getting to know more people on this instance.

Does anyone else play this game?
I love this game and would love to have someone to play with from time to time. Lemme know!

Is anyone else a like me? Gods, I love falling into the worlds that create for us!

Wishing my seven (7) Christian friends and all my Christian followers a "merry" (did I spell that right?) First Christian Omer First First Day and shana tova!

What time is your candlelighting for tikvah?

(I can't for the life of me figure out how to add alt text after posting. So instead, I'll put the text in the body of the post. I hope that's okay.)

"When people travel to the past, they worry about radically changing the present by doing something small. Few people think that they can radically change the future by doing something small in the present."

Ugh I hate Christmas music I don’t need to be constantly reminded of Christian supremacy thanks

Colorado Springs Shooting and Focus on the Family 

I don't give the slightest fuck about the fact that the Focus on the Family headquarters was vandalized. They don't give a fuck that their hatred has contributed to the killing of queer people. Their property does not matte more than queer lives.

Just say "Christian" already/Christian supremacy 

This feels like yet another "Just say Christian/Christianity" moment.

Look folks, a lot of religions are non-proselytizing. A lot of them even realize that not everyone is going to be interested in that particular religion. Talking about all "religion" as if it looks like (evangelical/conservative) Christianity is actually Christian supremacy.

Good grief. Right wing Twitter users are encouraging the false reporting of well known liberal/left Twitter users for violations of Twitter’s rules.

I wonder if the other place is going to descend into a setting for constant Kiwi Farms like actions.

Hi I'm Adam, and it has been my dream since I was a child to build an RPG. I am working on The Legend of Dragonspell, a pixel art, turn-based RPG.

I'm thankful to all those who support me in creating it!
Also, here's how "under the well" is looking! #IndieGameDev #pixelart #gamemaker

if you can't read you're getting blocked

I'm glad we're starting to have a wider conversation surrounding racism and especially anti-Blackness on the Fedi.

But I feel like a lot of it could be better.

I see a lot of white people partaking in the conversation in a way that derails it, centering themselves and their experiences, explaining racism to POCs, and the like.

So please, if you are not Black, don't have conversations with Black folks about anti-Blackness.

However, do call out your friends on their racist bullshit. Do not wait for us to point it out. I don't want to be the only one to say that shit is not okay. It must come from you people as well.

I would also appreciate if you boosted posts made BY POCs rather than by white people. I see a lot of this stuff. It signals that you don't value our feelings and opinions but rather our oppressors' opinions on our struggles

I would also like non-Black admins to take a stand on anti-Black racism by not just suspending racist accounts on their own instances, but also by defederating from pro-cop, anti-Black and generally racist servers.

"You shouldn't block other instances of Mastodon. Let your users block them if they don't want to see what they post."

As an admin, number one, no one tells me what to do with the things I run.

Number two, I have many marginalized and vulnerable people on my instance, and my job is to make sure they feel safe, not so you have the freedom to spout off your ridiculous, fascist, alt-right bullshit.

Number three, I don't give a shit if you feel censored.

Freyja says love, marry, and have sex with whoever you want. Even if they're not all the same person.

(Note: Consent is required.)

(Cross-posted from IG.)

If you say that the decentralized nature of Mastodon is one of it's key points and then turn around and tell Black people there's nothing to be done about racism on Mastodon because it's decentralized, you might want to think long and hard about what those two statements combined reveal.

I walked from the living room back to the bathroom and back! 🥳

Of course, it turned to be a wasted trip due to a "false alarm." 😡

A blessing based on the Uruz rune. Uruz represents the aurochs, a now extinct wild species of buffalo. This rune is about vital strength and rising to meet a challenge, such as the test of hunting a wild aurochs.

(Cross-posted from IG.)

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