Real question about Masking/Camouflaging: I carefully modulate my behavior in society to appear normal, but at great cost to not feeling real. Is it because I’m traumatized/frozen/depersonalized, or because I was socialized in a high-control religion as a female people-pleaser and good girl, or am I showing signs of late-diagnosed autism? ?

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Take a few minutes to do something just because it makes you happy.

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I’m disgusted that protecting the reputation of the platform is more important to some people — including some Black people, what the actual fuck — than making sure people are safe, physically and emotionally.

That’s some nasty shit.

And to the “it’s just growing pains/join the right instance” crowd: Black people shouldn’t need a fucking Green Book to navigate the physical or virtual world.

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My grandmother began sewing ribbon skirts as part of her healing from the trauma of residential schools.
She and my mother have always been fantastic seamstresses, frequently making my Halloween costumes.

She's now moved on to making regalia, and this is her first Plains-style regalia dress.

#NativeAmerican #Regalia #Indigenous

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Since being on mastodon, as I slowly move out of the bird app, I have found that I’m missing the #indigenous and #Navajo community that made it difficult for me to decide to leave Twitter.

Absolutely mastodon has a more positive and welcoming environment here, which I’m loving. But Im in search of #indigenous and other #bipoc accounts.

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I’m wondering if y’all can help me build a community of trans people of colour on the tag #TransPOC as i miss the wonderful people i knew on a different animal themed app.
After seeing reports of racism and bad moderation I guess i’m just trying to find my people. Boosts very welcome.

#Trans #Queer #LGBTQIA #LGBT #BlackMastodon #Black #POC

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Guess I’m going to have to start the conversation about #bodyliteracy on here ☺️ #FAMTaughtMe

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Racism on Mastodon 

Whats our plan for racists on the fediverse? I was just excited by seeing #BlackMastodon yesterday and today I see people I was happy to see on here have already faced harassment.

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{{ Hello world! }}


Govdirectory is a crowdsourced and fact checked directory of official governmental online accounts and services.

Our vision is a world where people are empowered to engage with their government to ensure responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making at all levels.

We are building an #opensource community powered directory thhrough #wikidata where the online presence of every public org is easily findable, queryable and trustworthy.


A place for serious content to casual interest, discussions, practices, and all things pagan, heathen, and witchy; nature, magic, and self discovery and growth.