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If we ourselves change over time, how much more so might our Ginnreginn, our Gods, Ancestors, and vaettir?

Not in the sense of the essentials, but in the sense of how we understand Them, relate to Them.

If we acknowledge that it is likely Týr was worshipped as head of the Gods in many places previous to the Iron Age this does not make the Iron Age culture wrong. It means Týr ceased relating to Them through that way, or vice versa, and new/different ways formed.

This is why modern understanding and modern myth making, to my mind, enriches our relationship with the Ginnreginn. These are new ways of understanding and relating to Them where and when, how and what we are.


🚗 - went to pick up my monthly groceries order and put it all away. i have food! 🎉

🧵- flattened out this month's plastic bags and added them to the accumulating plarn material stack.

🔥 - my mom is going thru her xmas bins and gave me a whole tin of resin dolls! it's all the characters from 'a year without a santa claus' and 'the island of misfit toys' hurrah! there will definitely be decorating shenanigans.

Another of my favorite shots from the past few years - a lovely Indigo Bunting watches from the branches of a young willow tree. Taken at Swan Harbor Farm, Maryland

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long post on accessibility advice from a blind screen reader user 

OK . I've seen several toots on for users, however, I've not seen one from a screenreader user (as far as I know). I've used ZoomText, Outspoken, JAWS (AKA JFW), Supernova, NVDA (Windows), and VoiceOver (both on Macs and iPhone). I don't have experience with Windows Narrator or TalkBack. I would like to rectify and clarify a few small things.
First off, any awareness of accessibility issues, and endeavours to make things more accessible is great. Keep going!
Blind/low-vision people have been using the internet as long as everyone else. We had to become used to the way people share things, and find workarounds or tell developers what we needed; this latter one has been the main drive to get us here and now. Over the past decade, screen readers have improved dramatically, including more tools, languages, and customisability. However, the basics were already firmly in place around 2000. Sadly, screen readers cost a lot of money at that time. Now, many are free; truly the biggest triumph for accessibility IMHO.
So, what you can do to help screen readers help their users is three simple things.
1. Write well: use punctuation, and avoid things like random capitalisation or * halfway through words.
2. Image description: screen readers with image recognition built-in will only provide a very short description, like: a plant, a painting, a person wearing a hat, etc. It can also deal with text included in the image, as long as the text isn't too creatively presented. So, by all means, go absolutely nuts with detail.
3. Hashtags: this is the most commonly boosted topic I've seen here, so . The capitalisation ensures it's read correctly, and for some long hashtags without caps, I've known screen readers to give up and just start spelling the whole damn thing out, which is slow and painful.
That's really all. Thanks for reading! 😘

I went hiking in the Ozarks on Saturday morning and stumbled on a small patch of frost flowers!

This is the first time I've seen them, and I was surprised to see them this late in the year. Frost flowers typically form during the first few hard freezes of fall when sap in certain small plants freezes, rupturing the stem and forcing water out. The water freezes on contact with the air and builds up into distinctive flower-shaped petals!

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i'm thinking about starting up the insta spin 15 a day hashtag here, but with just devotional fiber arts in general?

the original intent is to take out your spinning wips and work on them for 15 minutes a day to chip away at the block, but i'm wondering if that would help me to get this altar cloth finished.

15 minutes a day is better than it sitting there staring at me unfinished. 😅

i think my favorite part about mastodon so far is that the way i'm currently using it makes it impossible to doomscroll.

like, it just stops and i have to go do something else for a while. 😍

🌼 Prof. Dr. Thomé's Flora von Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz, in Wort und Bild, für Schule und Haus ; mit . . Tafeln . . von Walter Müller.
Gera-Untermhaus: F.E. Köhler, 1886-1934.

This morning, this House Finch was busily engaged in being as red as possible while devouring berries almost as bright as it was.


i compared using unicorn power scour vs. the fermented suint method (fsm) and found out that the fsm is super water efficient, but leaves more lanolin than i wanted. so i scoured the whole fleece with the fsm and i am currently using a bit of power scour to take out a bit of the lanolin as i'm processing it.

i'm *very* impressed that the original fsm smell is completely gone and the wool is gorgeous to spin!

the next time i use this method tho, i am definitely starting earlier in the summer as it took forever to dry the locks.

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from fleece to yarn. my warp weighted loom project i started last year is starting to come together now, at least in the yarn department. 😅🐑 🧶


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