so hungry must sit on bed and giggle at the ceiling while thinking about asking my friends to hang out and then never doing that

reminder to not be as bad as christians (sorry) about the whole forcing religion thing
i mean like i know a lot of heathens that get pissed at shit like "oh ill pray for you" so i dont think you should do it as a pagan unless you like know theyre cool with it idk thats just me


but i mean she IS aphrodite .. ....

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aphrodite thinks you should fuck it and do whatever you want because you <3 youuuuu

i feel like ive been indoctrinated into a secret witchy club anyway because i think you're supposed to do that
i'm roxanne but you can also shorten that to whatever !! i'm looking into church of aphrodite mainly and i'm a queer anarchist
i like sitting in my room and staring at the wall while thinking about doing something


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