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After a long slew of odd coincidences, and finally being stared down by a pair of ravens while holiday music blared down the street, I give up; I understand when someone's sending a message.

So I am proud to announce a special project for the holidays, Óðinna Álfar (Odin's Elves)! We are a small set of antifascist mystics, pagans, punk philosophers, and witches inspired by Food Not Bombs to create a decentralized gifting network for the Yule season.

How to participate? Simply do an act of good will for those in need between now and 21 December, tell us about it in a post with the hashtag , and incorporate the attached symbol in the post in some way. These acts can range from setting up a food drive, handing out warm clothes to houseless folks, or going full Santa Claus and dropping off gifts to kids who could use 'em.

To join a private telegram chat for organizing, just send me a message and I'll hand off the link.

Happy Yule, and happy gifting!

With the turning from autumn to yule time, the ancestral gods have been coming in full force. It’s part of my spiritual cycle to have the kemetic gods go gently quiet for a few months to let the ancestors and those gods shine. Last couple years have not included these periods, I am thinking it’s because of how the world was. Now they are here to shine.

(Below is AI generated, helps to capture a vibe when I am working them out in my head)


Pythagoras was allegedly so afraid of fava beans, it lead to his death.


You see this? On Nov. 19, militants defending Welaunee (aka the Atlanta Forest) felled a few trees to block access to a police firing range in the woods. Bonus points: the trees took out the power to the range and gave folks the chance to smash the pigs cameras. We've said it before and we'll say it again- take notes, yall! Read more details here:

Toad / Frog ritual toad mask with elemental designs inspired by La Tene and Hallstatt era art. Commissioned through Emil Emil’s Manufactory. Still not in my hands, because it needs its finish to settle.

Luis Ricardo Falero some nudity 

Painting by Luis Ricardo Falero, ‘Witches going to their Sabbath’ 1878. Just amazingly detailed it's as if they created Halloween just for this
#art #rtitbot #samhain #horror #horrorart #halloween #pagan #horrorcommunity #paganwolfwitch #paganwolfwitches

Anyone else out there make handmade goods for Yule presents and work as hard as they can to be plastic free?

Share ideas, please!

#PlasticFree #Handmade #Yule #EcoFriendly

Love the fact Eris is depicted as running away in the most hana Barbera style :blobcatlisten:

in #England we celebrate #HarvestFestival and probably some #Pagan merriment. So with my siblings, we drank a toast of brioche and ate a fast feast of his #HisNoodliness #TheSpeghettiMonster - oh joy of deliciousness.

we cut hair, walked in the new rein like proud #MyBigPonies

“The Earth is not dying-it is being killed. And the people who are killing it have names and addresses.”

- Utah Phillips

The Claus Working is coming closer to a completed altar, with petitions to be written as letters to Santa with libations of Coca-Cola or milk and chocolate chip cookies. Final touches to be done o'er the weekend. Wish us luck!

My first Friday Pagan Poll on here:
In honor of Freya, Socialite and Hostess of the Sessrúmnir, there is room for all on her benches!

Are you married/in a relationship?

If yes, is your person(s) also a Pagan?
If no, is your hypothetical ideal person(s) also a Pagan?

For #FolkloreThursday, sharing my #Yuletide entertainments, which include a dramatization of the #Mabinogion, a radio play for the #Solstice, #Gawain and the Green Knight, an original short story by me, and a video by my husband exploring #MorrisDancing and #MummingCustoms at Yuletide

To have the goddess Eris as patron is to embark on the hero's journey!

Or, well, maybe not the hero's journey, but it will be adventurous.

Or disastrous.

Anyway it will not be boring.

Ancient Oil lamp depicting #Hekate lifting her six arms and holding torches in her six hands. The goddess has a lunar crescent on her head and is flanked by two dogs.

The handle is a crescent ornament incised with another crescent.

1st century B.C.–4th century A.D.

Getty Museum, Malibu 83.AQ.377.493

Updated map of the entire Fediverse, with special autocorrection features...

"I will not exalt order at the price of spontaneity."

Piper Anne Twain
#Quotes #EmotionalIntelligence

In this season, bear turns inward. It is a time to sit with ourselves. To be and to rest.

Wishing all the people in the US a very “punch your racist uncle in the neck” on this unpropitious day

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