Cw Body image (reframing, implied anthropology) 

Pretty sure I'm missing the part of my body that is The Tree I Live In.
The bottom of my feet grew to fit those limbs, ludos-loves through millenia.

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I want to stay home and copy letters and their significants today, but tbh if I didn't have to go to work I would prob just wonder what to do and lay on the floor.
Which itself maybe isn't bad
(Peace to your languor, liber 90. Wisdom to my folly please, regardless.)

Civc religion, hot takes on pledge, #uspol, religious rights, short take. 

"One nation, IO PAN, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all...."

... I'd still rather take the section out, but if we're going to leave it in, I'm going to workshop this more immediate personal option.
(It slides in real easy in a normal speaking voice, though it's also easy to imagine, in some canny/safe moment, hollerin it at Ritual Evocation Volume.))


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